Brazilians Bought 104 Smart phones Per Minute

Brazil closed 2014 in the 4th placement among the largest markets in the world, behind China, United States and India

Against the grain of markets of tablets, PCs and printers, smart phones 2014 ended positively, with record sales in the last quarter according to a recent study by IDC, Mobile Phone Tracker Q4. According to the survey, were sold about 54.5 million smart phones of the year, up 55% in comparison to 2013, when 35.2 million sets were sold in the country.

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IMAGES: here are some devices that are in the Brazilian market:

According to Leonardo Munin, research analyst of IDC Brazil, taking into account the other categories of devices, the Smart phone market was the only one who presented a positive result: 104 smart phones sold per minute. For Munin, if it wasn’t for the World Cup, the off-season Carnival, elections and the high-dollar, performance would have been even better.

The study also shows that adding the category of featured phones, cellular market ended in 2014 7% high, with a total of 70.3 million sets sold. This caused the Country to close in 2014 4th placing among the largest markets in the world, behind China, United States and India.

According to Munin, the IDC study also showed a change in consumer behavior. “The Brazilian is very sensitive to price, but in smartphones has evaluated better cost-benefit question. And how has the credit facility and oferecidoa by retail installment, instead of buying a phone entry has increasingly opted for an intermediary, contributing not only to the increase in sales but also to the increase in the average ticket, “said the analyst.

Munin highlighted the issue of trade marks: “Brazil is an emerging country, but in the Smartphone market has had performance and behavior of developed country”. This is because 95% of the market is focused on six major brands, something that doesn’t happen in other emerging countries. This is a curious fact and shows that the Brazilian very cherishes the brand. Our market is consolidated in the hands of great players and both domestic manufacturers as foreigners who are coming now has a major challenge in establishing themselves here, “says Munin.

The Brazil had record sales of smart phones in the fourth quarter of 2014 via areacodesexplorer. 16.2 million smart phones were sold, up 43% and 14% in comparison to Q4 2013 and 2014 Q3, respectively. For the analyst, Black Friday was primarily responsible for performance. “In the comparison x 2013 2014, sales on the date increased by more than 600%.

4 g and projections to 2015

The IDC study Mobile Phone Tracker Q4 points also that 15% of handsets sold in 2014 have access to 4 g. For 2015, the IDC Brazil expects the number come up and stay between 30% and 35%. Despite the high dollar and the general economic, IDC Brazil expects 16 percent growth in the Smartphone market with the sale of about 63.3 million sets in 2015.

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