Bossinha Parties

This year I plan to do a very nice party for Bruna. I am researching various references and suppliers, and today I will show you a shop partner of blog that I love and I think that’s brilliant.

Is the Bossinha parties.

The goal is to be able to find everything you need to assemble a party with practicality without spending much and without leaving home. It can be from a meeting for some buddies at home, to a party buffet.

On the site you will find more than 400 products divided in 14 subjects. The pictures are beautiful and delicate and in each issue you’ll find pictures of parties assembled that will serve as inspiration for you mount your.

Are plates, cups and napkins, disposable liners for candy, straws, balloons, stickers, bags, hats and even souvenir for towels and banners at bestcraftblog.

Personalization and creativity is of each and you can buy all items or loose complete kits. On the site there are suggestions of quantities according to the number of guests and a check list for super you get organized before the party.

I particularly love this idea because I’m not into anything these parties with themes and all items matching right with the child’s name.

With the items in the Bossinha you will have a party look like house party, something unpretentious and fun, and the prints coordinate with each other getting super cool and unique.

I separated some parties mounted with Bossinha, look how beautiful table!

This was with the theme Bugs

Dinosaurs Theme

Sports Theme


And has even more 11 themes for you to choose from.

In respect of products within each theme, separated in theme Bugs rather than have.

See what the pattern is not always the same but together give a super special effect.

And if you do not want any theme you can choose the printed items and assemble the party theme you want!

Is not easy to make the party?

For those who want to check out the themes and products, visit the website of Bossinha!