Bohemian, Ethnic and with a Rustic Touch

April!, my mother, my mother, nor I find the quick passing time. This month it is full of surprises and a lot of workshops that you will be revealing little by little as they approach the days but for the moment, we continue in the line of the post of the beautiful houses found across the network.

Increasingly, bohemio-etnico style us is starting to like more, that if small doses because we love any style to one hundred percent, we are more than small brushstrokes of each to create our own, but today’s House has something that we loved. Although it is true is not a big house, since it has 46 m 2, if I can say that it does not lack detail any.

It is one of these houses you see that it is very vivid and that love their owners to fill it with beautiful things. I have to admit that you for my taste, I find a bit of excess of furnishing, but that does not mean that I do not like my. On the contrary, I love to stand to look at each picture in detail to make me not happens any detail, but to live, I think that I would be getting rid of some than anything else.

It is not a strident colors, but abound therein the earthy and neutral, and is that as you know, although the Bohemian style is distinguished by its colorful, it has another variant, another that is much more soft and relaxed, and in this House have opted for the latter. Without a doubt, an excellent taste and admire. Small objects that make a great home.

The kitchen although it is tiny found me cute. Lately, see kitchens with a “retro-vintage” touch, I love, and I think that they have something that makes them special. Not to mention kitchen with Valances or anything for the style, but kitchens like this one, where fire is not with the latest technology and is full of small objects that appear to be taken from a trace.

The truth is that I wouldn’t mind all that my kitchen fuesa this right now, even after paint it with spray, the change was quite noticeable and for the moment I can tell you that it behaves like a champion before cleaning!

I can not choose corner of this House or object precious, because the truth I think beautiful from beginning to end. A tapestry of those would not mind me and round the kitchen table either, although I have a home that is crying out for a good restoration, to see if we get a bit of time and teach it to you.
And you tell me to

Do you like the Bohemian style for your House?

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