Bloated Stomach Home Remedies

Adiet-no-diet to help your body to deflate. Here’s how in a couple of days our waistline can get back into shape, without that annoying intestinal bloating.

Tired of intestinal bloating?

That belly that does not go away even with the most strict diet in the world?!

Why this disorder also afflicts leaner people.

It is not a question of excess fat, but a mix of water retention, intestinal inflammation, etc. which in the heat becomes even (ironically) harder to hide.

There are many must have home items that promise to miraculously deflate the belly thanks to purifying substances but the result is not always as hoped.

The only solution seems to follow, for a couple of days, non-diet-a diet that helps the body get rid of toxins, encouraging cell renewal. The benefits will be evident not only in the abdominal area but also the skin and the mood will benefit.

Usually we eat a lot more than what the body requires.

First of all we want to rest, so it is advisable to try the treatment at the weekend.

For two days we must say no to meat, the white pasta, cereals, cheeses, vegetables and alcohol.

Yes to small amounts of bread or pasta but only whole.

Yes to fruits (especially grapes and pineapple) and vegetables (good beets, asparagus, fennel, zucchini and celery) and a lot of water, especially between meals, so that I cover is completely purified.

Resting the digestive system you get an amazing achievement as digestion always absorbs large amounts of energy.

We must always remember that the great fasts are only counterproductive , the ideal is to make 4-5 small meals throughout the day, eating something more for lunch and dinner.

Perhaps, the most difficult to implement, it is good to remember to eat sessions, with the television off and chew carefully and very slowly.

A rule that seems trivial, but that 90% of us never follows, either for the hectic life, you want to incorrect habits that come from childhood.

We bet that after a couple of days so you will enter into your favorite jeans no lie down on the floor to fasten the top button?!