Blackphone: the Smart Phone for More Privacy

The issue of data security and privacy has a very high significance particularly in the mobile sector. Blackphone has committed therefore to the task, to better protect users.

If WhatsApp, Facebook, the NSA’s data acquisitiveness, and by many other companies, the privacy of the individual seems to be always threatened. Of course there are ways and means here, how you can protect yourself something, a lighter remedy promises the Blackphone but.

Blackphone: Security in the hands of the user

The unit originated from a cooperation of the manufacturer of GeekPhones and silent circles. The focus is sure to secure the device by means of cryptology and so to make sure that private data and information are inaccessible without that one must perform “drastic measures”.

The operating system is a modified version of Android called our come to a few selected apps designed for a complete privacy. The OS itself is supported regularly directly from Blackphone updates, so that the device and thus the users can be protected against current threats.

Private OS provides no unloved bloatware here, there are no bindings to telcos or preset transfer of certain data. Thanks to the “Blackphone Security Center” are all app permissions and security settings directly into the hand of the user, in addition to data with the help of “Remote Wipe” easily be deleted or blocked, if the device is lost or stolen.

Blackphone: Technical specifications