Big Fish Kingdom Tales

Now I begin to understand why it is called sports fishing. In the morning, the aches in the body. Above all in the shoulders, calves, forearms, even in the toes of muscle soreness. Yet I long again, it’s a nice feeling.

Fishing guide John has spoken very well on a long trip to storskalten. A foundation that is little more than an hour’s journey from the country. Normally, this is something everyone is really tagged on. But just this week, we are only ten guests here. That means three boats. And all who come here have their own plans and expectations.
To make a long trip, we need to be at least two boats, if something should happen, you can quickly call the other boat over the radio. But one group is right tired after yesterday’s long ride and great fishing and the other group has their plans. So it does not look so promising for a trip to storskalten. But Johan spirits up, there are big fish too close to land. But it is possible to discern a certain disappointment when he says it is a shame for looking at storskalten we would see a “real Söröyafiske.”
We are happy no matter what, we have an incredible fishing anyway. And we dream most of the flounder and getting catch some kinds of fish. And maybe take a cod of 20 +…

At two o’clock at night, I get a text message from John. “Can be very cold successor yet, has sold it to the Norwegians in the evening.” (Of our three teams as a group from Norway)

We meet on the bridge at 12 noon on the day and pysslar calmly prepared everything.Linking of knots, making some new tack, washing the boat and then the floating overalls and go.
It’s almost still at sea. Today, the boats cut through the water and gone are ramming force against the waves we had yesterday. When you had the stamp making and pounding against the waves in an hour so it actually feels quite firmly in the back and legs. But not today. really nice and in about an hour, we harvested the 27 spacers out.

In the jigs and start fishing. It cuts quickly to the cod, a little “smaller” fish around 10kg.then cut a great I feel. But it does not stop pulling. The cod consumes only properly during the first few minutes, then give it up. This does not stop pulling, and suddenly it starts to rush off! this is not cod, it’s the halibut! The adrenaline hit on the body, my legs start to shake, the rod is in deep bow and roll screaming out line. My first flounder! Roger and John cranks up. Roger shouts of encouragement and Johan repeat the most important thing for me.
Keep your head up on the fish as soon as it stopped the rush. Do not hold your rod too high. When the rush, keep up, but not wear, let it rush. Crank not just the fish without pumping up the rod. Do not rest …

After a few minutes it is up to the boat. A perfectly edible fish at 97 cm. It takes us up. I am happy. The endorphins father around the body and I just babbling on. Really fun! I celebrate by taking one of the beer I had with me and just enjoying the feeling.

We fish on. Very cod we get but it must swim back. We already have what we need cod on our quota to take home. It is actually quite rough cod, by my standards, it is grotesquely large. But you get used to everything. it visra the särskillt when I start to methane with him. I spend with himself about 1kg to get away småtorsken. Angling is also exciting. it comes always to have contact with the fishing bait sold on AndrewFishing and after long periods without something happening so you can feel that something is going on and then feel the weight when the fish takes … Johan fishes most in this manner and takes up a flounder at 110cm.

on this way, I get a cod that turns out to be new personal best again. And it is on 20kg.Now I have to swim. I have promised if I get cod in excess of 20 or halibut in excess of 25kg. Fun, but the halibut so when it is not quite up to that level. Roger get great drying and setting new PB of 15kg. Life is only good out here.

The sun goes down, at 12 at night, the water remains a bit and we test some new places to methane plaice on. But cod are everywhere and trasar down the small spättetacklen. Johan takes a catfish in this way, however. The sky is a spectacle of colors and the snow-capped mountains are colored purple and pink. We’re trying to get some småsej to fish in order to weed out småtorsken. But no, we find himself.

Now it starts to get momentum on the water again, time for the next stab period. But we have no saithe. The sun rises again half past one, and we decide to bet on jigs anyway. We put ourselves on an operation of a place Johan really believe. Down with the jigs up the cod in the cod, down jiggarn up with the cod. Again and again. But no fluke. As we drifted completed asks John if we want to go home. I suggest a drive to.
In the jig up with cod in the cod in the jig up and … stop. It takes just a stop, shrugs a little. And rush! Flounder! And now I know how a flounder feels great. I am completely powerless. After rush hour, I start pumping it up but it is hardly I take only a few cm line and the fish swims out the same speed. Will I really get to see this fish? These things I just been told and seen on film. Adrenaline mixed with lactic acid.Unbelievable!

I tear this way in 20min, we can see fish on the sonar. I’m so tired. So nervous. so happy. And we can see it. I get up to the surface and Johan secures it to the boat quickly. A line through the lower jaw where it hurt and take a rope around the tail so that it is out of the boat. Measuring 172cm !!!!
Fishing guide noticing the purposes of research before we continue with the management.

This I did not in my wildest dreams would happen. Or, OK, this is what I had in my wildest fantasies. And to get to swim with the … A picture of me in the water with a monster flounder.

Johan asks “Do you want to swim with it?” He has a waterproof outfit I could borrow and jump in. This is just not true!

It is 5grader in the water and I’m not at all happy to swim from the boat, never have been. But these things I do not care now. In and swim. John and Roger take pictures.Then I sit at swimming ladder, and we loosen the ropes. Calmly, I see it swim into the depths again. I look at the sun. It is half past four in the morning. A moment to remember.

We go home and not in bed until eight in the morning. Sleep, get out there and fish some flounder and catfish. Roger gets his first catfish. We are close to land. We see porpoises and eagles. Two days have completely flowed together and contains so much experience that each would be a trip in itself.