Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Hiking

No good hike without a sleeping bag at the height! As important to your recovery and for your peace of mind, your bed can make a big difference between a successful trip or not.Here’s how to choose it according to your adventures.

Padding down or synthetic fibers?

Select trim his sleeping bag hiking is the top priority. This decision largely depends on the conditions in which you exercise your getaway. Very warm, insulating, comfortable: the down sleeping bag is undoubtedly the most pleasant to use. It is the choice that is closest to our cozy duvet, and offers the best potential for recovery. It is also the easiest to carry with high compaction capacity. But beware of wet environments! The cost is usually prohibitive for beginners. More versatile and cheaper, the synthetic sleeping bag seduce a larger number of practitioners. But its insulating power and comfort will be significantly lower than the down.

The other sleeping bag selection criteria

A good sleeping bag for hiking should not be just comfortable. It must also be as convenient as easy to carry to enjoy your adventure. Suggested by PimaSleepingBags, be especially careful to choose a lightweight sleeping bag that does not weigh on the legs during walking. To limit the size but also consider the compressibility of your sleeping bag . On this point, the sleeping bags are often more efficient. For maximum insulation and better heat retention, you can opt for a sleeping bag sarcophagus , closer to the body. Finally prefer the bags with a closure on the upper part, in order to conserve heat.

Where to buy my sleeping bag?

The purchase of a hiking sleeping bag can be carried in two philosophies. If you are looking for a price and equipment for occasional hiker, general stores like Decathlon and Intersport are the best option. The price / quality and favorable prices (you can find the choice from 10 euros) guarantee you to find your happiness. For the hardware expert, choose specialized sites, or a physical store of the same ilk.