Best German Made Cuckoo Clocks

Choosing the cuckoo (sometimes called cuckoo clock or cuckoo clock) can be difficult so the choice is varied! 1 day, 1 day to music, 8 days, 8 days in music , or quartz, there are many possibilities. The cuckoos are all handcrafted in Germany in Black Forest (cradle of traditional German watchmaking). So we’ll help you determine how cuckoo be perfect for you!

Choose between mechanical cuckoo and quartz cuckoo

First, you must know if you wish to purchase a mechanical cuckoo-winding or batteries Cuckoo (called cuckoo quartz ). These two kinds of cuckoos are alike, since only their movement differs. The same principle of the cuckoo is to have a bell that mimics the cuckoo. The traditional cuckoo has two weights shaped pine cones, chains and wooden box shaped chalet. Every hour or half-hour, the doors open and the cuckoo bird sings.

So if you want a traditional cuckoo classic, these two types of cuckoo will have all these features.

The most important difference lies in the fact that the mechanical cuckoo ( one day or 8 days) should be wound manually to run (once a day for the cuckoo 1 day and once a week for 8 day running time). Conversely, the quartz cuckoo need batteries to operate and in his case, the weight and the balance only serve to decorate and have no utility in its movement.

For those who are reluctant to offer a cuckoo because they fear being awakened at night by the cuckoo singing, Passion Gift offers cuckoos with an overnight stop (which can be manual or automatic).

The sound of the cuckoo, too, can be a determining factor in the choice of the cuckoo. The song of the cuckoo and singing mechanical quartz cuckoo are different. The song of the cuckoo is mechanical output with bellows of the cuckoo that propel air. The singing of the quartz cuckoo is distributed through hidden electronic speakers in the cuckoo and broadcasting the song in the forest, including echo. The quartz cuckoo sound is more faithful to reality.

Choose between cottage cuckoo cuckoo and hunting

Once the difficult choice between quartz and mechanical elucidated, there is still hesitation among a cottage motif Cuckoo and Cuckoo hunting grounds.

The first cuckoo clocks that existed were hunting cuckoo clocks, carved directly into the wood. Cuckoos hunting grounds traditionally illustrate forest and mountain life (birds, deer, game, horns, hunting wallets, etc.). Gradually, cottage-like cuckoos have emerged, generally representative of a less austere scenes of family life or craft in the Black Forest. Some elements chalet cuckoo clocks have become essential as the beer drinker, the wood cutter, the pendulum carrier, farm animals, etc.

All cuckoos usually exist mechanical and quartz, it is possible to choose its form or favorite scene first before choosing the type of movement.

Cuckoo choose between music or without music

Some cuckoo clocks, in addition to cuckoo every hour, also offer music that is broadcast every hour, just after the cuckoo. Some cuckoo models also offer entertainment in addition to music as dancers, woodcutters cutting wood, a water wheel, a beer drinker that moves the arm to lift his mug, etc. The music team most quartz cuckoo no extra charge. In mechanical cuckoos by cons, the price of a cuckoo with music is higher than without music Cuckoo, but this adds a very traditional feel and a pleasant atmosphere which is necessarily appreciated in his living room, his or her bedroom, and kitchen wall clocks as recommended by

Now that you have all the cards to choose your cuckoo, visit our catalog of Black Forest cuckoo clocks and make your choice!