Benefits of Dress ups,Jeans

Dressing children according to their own taste is the right choice? Or is it better to accommodate their preferences? Here’s what I think, starting from my little girl’s memories of the years ‘ 80.

Memories of a little girl of the years ‘ 80

Were the early 80 ‘s and I was a little girl shy and Petite. Like all my peers I would never have dreamed of trying to impose myself on what to wear …

On the other hand, my mom was not one of those moms that are fastened with the attire, one of those who will prepare clothes for herself and her daughters the night before. Let’s say that its priority was that we were clean comfortable and especially warm (and Yes I have spent her childhood in Sicily;).

And so, the clothes I was wearing, I chose the mom tending essentially to the sacred triad practicality, comfort, tissue composition. No derogation or interference whatsoever.

Even when he bought some “fashion” there was always that particular which made him suddenly absolutely out. Like the time, finally bought me a pair of jeans, “but since you keep cold I caught them with the inside padfoot.” Horrible.
Or, when you decided to get a duvet that I wanted so much to feel “great”. Shame about the color choice: a nice celeste baby …

It must be said that the questionable taste rampant at that time not helped her at all. And, provided, of course, we will realize any quirks of current fashion only when we look away, it’s still certain that a ridiculous fashion as the years’ 80 is really unbeatable.

– Dressing children as appeals to children

Anyway, it’s hard to admit, but I realize now my mother and the constant temptation to overlay their preferences to my

Despite having only 3 years, my daughter begins to have his ideas in the field of clothing and shoes and trying to make them count. It was for her, would always skirts and dresses (thankfully welcomes to wear them with leggings) but his passion is sweatshirts and t-shirts with characters from the heart. Here at ANSWERMBA you can get more different models and styles.

My girl’s reminiscences often lead me to humor her, and so, for this winter we chose the cream-coloured short-sleeved Sweatshirt of Elsa to wear with leggings and a t-shirt long sleeve cream or blue. We also like the idea of “men from rapper” with which kids dancing to the rhythm of the radio. I find that the matching long-sleeve t-shirt + short sleeve Hoodie is perfect for school because it is not too heavy and can easily be lightened for times when it’s more hot.

Mindful of my craving for a duvet grunge, I was seduced by this total black bomber jacket decorated with small studs to look like a little punk.

One proposed is only one of the many outfits of the autumn-winter Prénatal. That thankfully puts me and my little always agree

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