Before and After: Live in a Fairytale House

A fairytale House

A before and after those that make you to trust in the dreaded word reform. Yes do not see it, think not manual. Or also a how pass of a dark and ramshackle home to live in a House’s story.

This is the story of the House of Vanessa. In its Vintage Whites Market blog tells us how looking for their dream home found a nightmare. That Yes, in the best area of the city. They bet on it and got a transformation that will make think that the Caterpillar to Butterfly is overrated.

A fairytale House

Also shows Vanessa pictures of the before of what is now their home. With that you get that change make us even more surprising. And it is that it is hard to believe what a well-made reform can get.

I’m talking about a dark House, painted with impossible colors or in the best of cases had better times. With walls reducing space and light. With cables hanging and lost borders. For example, a button in the form of kitchen:

I do not know of what time has escaped the kitchen of the before would perhaps 90’s?. What is clear is that who designed it had zero idea of how enhancing light. Get a warm and friendly atmosphere and we spoke.

Now we go to the area of the House lobby/laundry/bathroom and stairs. Specifically two different staircases. One leads to the basement and another leads to the housing. A mess of rungs in a small space. A horror.

On your right the current state of the bulo vest after the Reformation:

And look how wonderful in the laundry area!!

We continue with the tutorial on how to choose the worst color for your walls and decorate with Golden shingles. Not missing us na.

Here I leave a pair of partitions on which utility is not known. Painted for worse in those impossible colors that you said at the beginning. Very wisely have disappeared already in the House.

At this point I have to say that most of the reform, with the exception of soils, it has been run by the husband of Vanessa. I don’t know, but I take it for fact who is a professional in the field. Blessed husband!.

The rest of mortals is the option of hiring foreign professionals. I lived for years in my house a reform of those who take away the desire to repeat. You may have noticed it because of the way in which I usually address the issue.

Fortunately, things have changed and I begin to recover faith in good professionals. Of course, I still suspicious of estimations of users in which all are wine and flowers. I prefer the positive opinions that add something more. That price can be higher than the competition but the result is worth it or, as it is often the case, it has taken more than what has been agreed but the finishes are perfect. In that sense it has struck me opinions reformer. The comments are there, without any fast hand to censorship.

Vanessa shows us no more images before. I don’t blame her. I prefer pictures like these then. Apart from reforms, should give a big applause to the decoration of each of the corners of your House’s story. A romantic style that you can get great ideas and adapt them to your own personality.

Images: Vintage Whites Market

You know that I love to know what you think of this before and after. And for what I feel accompanied, if you’ve suffered like me, any traumatic reform. Shared evils, are less evil…

Until Wednesday!

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