Become Smarter on the Universe with New iPad App

Known physicist is behind the new app for iPad that can bring clarity about the world we live in and the outside.

Most of us are probably familiar with the Toy Story figure Buzz light years comment “To infinity, and beyond”.

However, there are not so many of us who actually have distinct notion about how the universe works.

It must be a new app for the iPad make up on. The app “Snapshots of the Universe” is a collaboration between the physicist Stephen Hawking and Random House. It writes our site.

Stephen Hawking has plenty of experience with publications of knowledge in the area, but this is the first trials with software.
The app combines text, images, video and even small games, such as in a fun way to simplify learning.

Are you interested in app “Snapshots of the Universe” can be bought for $ 32 in the App Store here.