Because You Need To Have A Wishlist Of Fashion?

Perhaps you’ve read our post on the checklist of basic male wardrobe, give tips on important parts for those who want to be elegant and be prepared for any occasion. Is a comprehensive list, because it tries to imagine the combinations most diverse situations. But in addition to this, you can also assemble a wishlist of menswear, there you will put those items that are not essential, but you think it’s too cool and want to buy a day-say “one day” because the clothes are not always to go around, you have to look pretty!

Note: a wishlist (or wish list) is a guide of what you want–clothes, travel, etc.-but they are not essential, in other words, are something that you want, but depend on money, time and availability, among other things.

Assembling Your Wishlist Of Menswear

10 tips that I can give you, according to my personal experience, to mount this kind of list:

Select Your Wishes Whether They Are Essential Or Not.

A military jacket is not something that you have to either compulsorily in the closet, but if it complements your style and you like the piece there’s nothing to stop you from purchasing one soon. This option type enriched your wardrobe and creating your personal style and this is the most important.

Search, Browse, Update Yourself

Take a walk through virtual stores –, visit sites of their favorite brands or admire the shop windows of the malls can show you very nice thing that you did not consider before, besides the availability of information in social networks and blogs can show you ways to use what you do not yet have and thought “outside of your scope”.

Stay Within Budget And Try To Buy The Best

Do not cling to marks if you don’t have a generous budget, pay attention to the design and trim, if you need to set up a reference guide not to forget what you want, it’s great for that and Pinterest you can start accessing the Male channel and selecting some things you find there.Look at seams, finish, details and fabrics.

Buy At The Right Time, Use At The Right Time

Try to invest in timeless clothes, but if it is to embrace the fad climb the chosen item to the top of the list or I wouldn’t have time to buy it and use it! In fact, if you buy something with shelf life, you don’t even have to spend a lot, fast-fashion will break your branch.

Separate By Style, Know The Occasion

Separate the clothes by style and set up a panorama of use to them, so will know in which situations fall and how much will be useful. When he leaves to think if that piece could accompany him on occasion.

Fancy Clothes Go To The Bottom Of The List

The item can be a little fancier if you already have basic clothes enough, but know that you will not be able to do it too much, because it will seem that you use always the same thing, this is a defect of the outfit.

Use Technology To Organize

As I have said, have references and organize a list, but don’t do it in a Notepad, create a photo album on your phone or download the application of Pinterest. Also worth favorite photos on Instagram and create collections with their favorites, the icon to the right and below each picture cut out for it.

Name The Bois

Know the name of that demand, having a list won’t count for much if you can’t find the part on the internet or ask for it at the store. In the worst case play the photo on Google Images and search for subtitles or show it to the salesperson or clerk. This process has another advantage, can become an expert in fashion!

Separate Each Season

Know in advance what the climate will require of you is a good way to anticipate your demand and even select parts. In winter it is easier to find jackets and coats, so these items go up in the list, while cooler t-shirts and clothing go down.

Select The Items That You Will Leave For Settlement

Separate clothes that you know you will become a good deal just on sale. That jacket ran aground in the store? Hold the wave because sooner or later they’re going to “burn him” and if it is a timeless item you can use it next winter because I am counting on the possibility that maybe the assessment occurs at the end of the season of cold, but not always so many shops give away in the middle of June.