Beauty Tips for Long Lashes

Lashes-so thin and delicate and yet so important for the expressiveness of the eyes. With inherently long and beautifully curved lashes but very few women are blessed. Mascara goodness we can let our eyelashes look darker, thicker and a little longer. It would be so nice in the morning without makeup to climb with a great eyelashes from the bed or in the evening times really to create dramatic looks in which mascara is simply not enough. No problem, with the right tips for long eyelashes!

Beauty Tips for Long Lashes

Long Fake Lashes

The easiest and fastest you cast out an impressive eyelashes with artificial eyelashes to stick. The first few times it is rather difficult, Fummel work, with some routine and a fine forceps you get the correct positioning but in no way. Fake Lashes come in many different forms, ranging from completely natural eyelash extensions to super-tight and super-long lashes. You can thus cause large effects or use discreet eyelashes that are suitable for everyday use, without being “too much”.

Tip: glue comes in white and black. The white adhesive is, however, once it is dry, transparent. During the adjustment, the Lashes seen with white glue but better, because what one has been up and does not stick so slightly askew. This can be a real help for the beginning.

Stimulate Eyelash Growth

There are both home remedies and professional care products that promise to make the eyelashes grow longer and thicker. When it comes to home remedies, many women rely on castor oil , which you can get for a few Euros at any pharmacy. With a cotton swab, it is to be applied daily at bedtime on the lash line and easily be spotted. The experiences are very divided, some women swear by it, some can not tell the too big effect. In any case, you need to bring a few weeks of patience. The oil is not expensive and the application is quick and easy – try so no harm. Also Vaseline or olive oil can be tried and promise lashes not only to maintain but also to condense.

The most effective and highly effective serum for long eyelashes is not quite favorable M2 Lashes Activating Serum, which has reinforced and having great results. The powerful serum contains the active ingredient complex MDN (Methylamido-dihydro-Noralfaprostal) which stimulates eyelash roots. This has been specially adapted for cosmetic applications from ophthalmology. The effect: compression and extension of the eyelashes. You have to be a little patient, because the first changes are usually seen after 6 to 8 weeks.

Eyelash Extensions

Another way to obtain dense and long eyelashes, is a permanent eyelash extensions. There are in virtually every city special studios, often Eyelash extensions are also available in nail salons and beauty salons. In extending the eyelash individual eyelashes are carefully glued to your own lashes. However, this also takes time 1 to 2 hours and comes at a price. With approximately 150 to 300 euros you can expect, depending on the club, and depending on how many lashes you can you stick.

But but the extension of the eyelashes then keeps for several weeks. A little extra care is one, however, this and coarse up removal can also cause the eyelashes lost earlier. Because that can happen from time to time, many women go after about 2 weeks to the filling to close any gaps directly again and to maintain a uniform lash line.