Beautiful, Strong, Cheap

Are good cell phones without contract expensive? With this bias, we clean up and show ten equipment for every need from 38 euro.

According to a survey by the Forsa Institute, 80 percent of mobile phone users want to spend no more than 100 euro for a new phone.

We beat this price in our selection right three times to 50 euro and more. All three devices drive also Extras, such as for example the chic F3 Motorola with its electrophoretic display.

Popular feature giant
The list of mobile phones at the Xonio users most popular speaks a completely different language than the Forsa poll. There dominate the feature giants that could secure the best seats are also in test ranking.

Also, this target group is not too short, we’ve listed another seven devices in the categories “up to 200 euro” and “Euro 200”.

Cell Phones Up To 50 Euro

Easy, practical and cheap: That brings the device selection in this price range on the point.

The mobile phone: Motorola telephone F3
Just special: The MOTOFONE F3 comes well without camera and music player, and has an ACE up its sleeve for its simplicity: its electrophoretic display (EPD) is although monochrome black and white. There are exactly there much more contrast and comfort, where many top devices fail: in the blazing sunlight.

The price
38 euros, the F3 is the cheapest unit in our selection. But who doesn’t know it doesn’t see it.

The cell phone: Nokia 1110i
Easy easy: begins the name of Nokia model with one, you can assume, that you have a simply phone ahead. The advantage: The menu remains manageable and is still done enough the demands on the basic mobile phone features. The 1110 also provides even polyphonic ringtones and a backlight for the black and white display.

The price
Light equipment, simple design and subtle colors: This phone should cost not more than 40 euros. It doesn’t.

The cell phone: Samsung SGH-C130
Simply versatile: The SGH-C130 belongs to the better equipped clamshell phones. In addition to a color display with 65,536 colours and GPRS, you have also a Java (MIDP 2.0) engine and a free speaker available at MMS, WAP 1.2 and an Organizer are also part of the game.

The price
The SGH-C130 slightly more expensive than the price categories companions is appropriate to the facilities. 50 euro tear but definitely not a big hole in your wallet.

Mobile Phones Between 100 And 200 Euro

Well-known and proven, but also new equipment with a high bargain factor: Between 100 and 200 euro a mixed bag can be found.

The cell phone: Motorola RAZR-V3
Runs and runs and runs: 15 mm of flat folding phones from Motorola’s success is undiminished after more than two years. The numerous successors can undermine not him despite better equipment, although V3 friends must make do with a VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels).

The price
After the price for months was over at 130 euros, is now even further downhill: only 110 euros currently apply for the RAZR V3.

The mobile phone: Sony Ericsson W300i
W like Walkman: its superior endurance by 18.5 hours in the pure music operation and the ordinary sound quality, the W300i reflected wacker. Also with the remaining equipment, the W300i doesn’t need to hide: USB, infrared, Bluetooth, E-Mail client.

The price
A real buy recommendation for music fans who want to call their own, also a good and trendy mobile phone: The top phone is yours for only 145 euros.

The cell phone: Nokia 5300 Xpress music
Young users should leave 5300 Xpress music on the upbeat slider phone Nokia, when it comes to the specification of Nokia. The series 40 phone has a music player with decent sound. On the supplied 256 MByte memory card fits what you need songs for on the go.Support for ID3 tags and an equaliser complete the player equipment.

The price
Nokia’s Bill could go up: each of the music phone is relatively inexpensive at 175 euros. Since the market launch in October 2006 it has become cheaper by about 60 euros.

The cell phone: Samsung SGH-E900
Despite its low depth of only 16.5 centimeters, a 2-megapixel camera has found place in the E900. Other features: E-Mail client, music player, Bluetooth and EDGE. The memory is 80 MB but not lavishly sized, via a microSD slot user can upgrade but with memory cards.

The price
Since its market launch in mid-2006, the SGH-E900 has lost over 100 euros in value. Currently, buyers with something less than 180 euros get away.

Mobile Phones Starting From 200 Euro

Well equipped and very chic: This distinguishes the equipment starting from 200 euro. Only the Sony Ericsson K800i costs more than 250 euros.

The mobile phone: Nokia N70
A Zeiss lens as for the N90 may not offer the N70. The photos of the 2-megapixel camera are still hardly the N90. In addition to extras such as self-timer and image series, the N70 has profiles for special designs and lighting conditions. A small LED light can be also turned to.

The price
Good phone for the money: The very well-equipped Nokia N70 is still ranked 20 in the Xonio ranking. And costs only 220 euro.

The cell phone: Samsung SGH-X 830
Trendy phone for music fans: the X 830 is not much larger than a traditional MP3 player and has just under 1 GB free storage. The music player showed a balanced sound image in the test, if other than the supplied headset was used. Other features: megapixel camera, Bluetooth, tri-band. The X 830 is also the smallest and lightest phone in the Xonio test field.

The price
Store and phone functionality listen to music in good quality to do so sufficiently. The price of 230 euros this performance is quite reasonable.

The mobile phone: Sony Ericsson K800i
Only the very few phones can have a real Flash. In addition to the 3.2-megapixel images this feature justifies the brand name “Cyber-shot”, which borrowed the K800i full-blown Sony cameras. Sony Ericsson however has refused an optical zoom. Other special features: RSS news ticker and Web logging. Also the other facilities can be seen.

The price
Strong prices: since the middle of last year has become the K800i to about 80 Euro cheaper and burden your wallet with about 270 euros now.

Conclusion: Top-Price Performance

Motorola has found in recent years with his groundbreaking mobile design many new fans. This tradition is also the new Motorola MOTOFONE F3, the entry price of products under our ten Shcnäppchen.

Trendy design, thanks to its electrophoretic display somehow especially and this extremely cheap: with these attributes that could be MOTOFONE F3 After the RAZR V3 molt to an another box office hit.

That RAZR V3 drops straight back vigorously in the price and is currently already have for 110 euros. It is the best mobile phone in our category “up to 200 euro”. There are the first-class Walkman phone Sony Ericsson W300i for 145 euros.

Something more you need for the Nokia N70 lay down: 220 euro. But they received a Smartphone with top equipment. And even the 3.2-Megapixel cell phone Sony Ericsson K800i has made the leap in our selection. The start of production of the successor K810i has lost to strong’s value.