Be Careful with the Use of Backpacks

You have to be concerned not only with the kids. The weight and models of backpacks can be the villains that cause diseases of the spine even for adults.

With the rush of everyday life, convenience is paramount! In this sense, it is quite common to see men and women put everything inside a backpack and carrying-on the whole day, from side to side. But have you ever thought that you may be carrying too much weight in their luggage or the model you are using is not ideal for your physique? According to medical experts in orthopedics, weight in the backpack should not exceed 15% of the weight of the person, because it can cause serious injury to the spine from scoliosis a osteoarthritis. Therefore, it is important to know the adjustments and learn Pack backpacks in the best way by increasing harmony with the body.

Bruno Marinho, representative of the Bagaggio brand, alert for some care. “At the time of purchase the part you have to pay attention to some details. For starters, her resistance test. Turn inside out, pull in place of the seams. Test also the adjustment of the handles, shoulders and stomach. “, he warned. Bruno still reinforces that one should not leave the store without wearing a new Backpack. “See if she fits the body. The bag must have an anatomical shape and fit to the back and hips. If you have space for air passage in the lumbar region to breathing of the skin, it is also a great option, “said.

For women, there are specific models with curves and barrigueira comfortable. The tip is to check if the curvature of the handles don’t bother you at the time of the breasts. After a few hours of walking, inappropriate handles can hurt them and cause discomfort.

Another relevant point is to think of the professionals who work with rucksacks on their backs for hours, as is the case of couriers and delivery people. In this case, the column gets bent over for a long time, which can result in injuries or more serious problems. For Bruno, the ideal models that have the adjustment handles on the chest and/or waist, because distributing the weight by backpack, providing a sense of lightness, and models with anti-impact technology, avoiding blow the handles. In addition, the user can load all the belongings, from notebook to books and not be so bothered.

“The option is to choose a backpack from HandbagPicks that is lightweight, waterproof and be attached to the body, because if they are not adjusted for the curves, the bags may fall or to unbalance the rider, if they are too heavy,” he warned.