BB Messenger Could Reach Android Within Little

Although at the operating system level and technical performance RIM and the Blackberries are away from Android and iOS the truth is that these devices have a few ACEs up his sleeve, especially that messaging is about. Among them the BB Messenger messaging network.

According to BGR, RIM is working on a version of BB Messenger for Android and iOS. At the moment there is no official confirmation from the company but the rumor is on the table. That Yes, if certain rumors, BB Messenger will come but not with all the original features the version of Blackberry. That is, that possibly options such as file-sharing would not be available.

The move by RIM would be logical: users could communicate with other operating systems and those who want to enjoy all the options would have to go through cash and buy a Blackberry.

At the moment, I insist, they are just rumors. According to BGR the version of Android will arrive before that the iOS for its ease in adapting the application. All the information, according to the website, comes from anonymous official sources. So we will have to wait for an official announcement to know if it is true or not.