Balmain Spring/Summer: Ice, Ice Baby. “HelaíTa” Me Quedo

To those who were at the end of the 80s, this title I sound to Chinese mandarin. Who lived, even of tadpoles, the 90s will know of what I speak. Ice, Ice baby, the song that glorified Vanilla Ice and which sold 20 million copies in the 1990s. It climbed atop the Mc Hammer pants (another rapper at the time) and the super shoulder. How do you sound? Very Balmain in principle & #8230;

Do complicated? I think that not fix the issue when I tell you that to contemplate the first exit of the parade held at the Grand Hotel of Balmain spring/summer 2012 came me to mind Anna … not Wintour, but Dello Russo so has the same thing happened you? This look of Harlequin outdated with lace at the shoulders has not brought me memories of Sade, who appears is Muse collection, but the Queen of ornamentation last thread. Feeling, although it has mitigated a little with the passing of the looks, not gone at all.


The black and white It is simply exquisite but when it wears it are horizontal and transversal stripes one can not help it: it is a Harlequin or is an inmate. None of the models of Balmain is, they look more like Grace Jones the Ibiza KU taken on those glorious nights that one day I counted the photographer Mario Gómez.


Its touches of the Versace before his assassination and the Calvin Klein denim and their “ there is nothing between me and my Calvin ” have not improved the matter at hand. Entry into masculine territory with Tuxedo maxiblazers accompanied by harem pants that lead up to the throat, perhaps is the most apparent and wearable.