Balenciaga Spring/Summer: Steering Wheel Go, Steering Wheel Come

Now that there are so many bloggers and experienced characters as they are valid for a broken and unstitched also design, would propose les the following challenge: give a few ruffles and a peplum and they must achieve a never seen review, something epate, surprised and like it. Results imagine catastrophic, but when it comes from Nicholas Ghesquière the disaster is more catharsis of humanity into a new surprising and unknown world.

Contemplating his first outing, that strangely resembles the second of Balmain, It is to leave us with drooping shoulders and without much to say. But suddenly, we enter into flour, the outputs and mathematics occur and the geometry as well controlling Nicholas returns to its peak with something that you would never believe that you give so much of themselves: the flyers.

Balenciaga Dance flamenco but I would like a look as well at the fair in April. Everything would be white and black and the flyers would roll my body by every inch of my body, in the torso in the manner of peculiar peplums that we thought already dead and finiquitados.

The colour palette is very select: none of colorful spring or joys for the body of sherry and soleá. White, beige and blue and white make up a collection that is already being hailed despite that minutes earlier of having been presented, was being informatively became by the presence of Kristen Stewart, the brand image, and whose look has been so twit as it had been the war of the worlds of Orson Wells.

Nothing makes a shadow to this, their skirts mathematically calculated folder, your pleats with your dresses faralaes that the statue would have wished and leather applications.