Balenciaga Autumn/Winter: a Future Eighties

Nicolas Ghesquière is a magician or an alien, depending how you look. His collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 for Balenciaga in Paris fashion week has left me a little strange. The collection has a eighties remix, that to me personally, I charge. The idea of a future/past We see it in its futuristic cuts clothing. The models are Office workers who walk orderly by the spacecraft. A type film outputs seem to “Fahrenheit 451”, “Gattaca” or any chapter of the series “Black mirror”. And background music sounded from “Glass Candy”, more impossible revival. Do you expect a future eighties?

Transparent materials

The transparent materials It has been used Ghesquière for some of his designs give a surprising, little-seen and with a distant point, resulting often necessary for everyday items or office.


The sweatshirts will no longer be relegated to sport next season we will them to go to the office, go out to dance or buy bread. Balenciaga presents some Sweatshirts with “geek” motifs or science fiction and others with animal print.

Futuristic fabrics

The fabrics are intelligent and futurist. Monkeys and pants in woven metallic jackets with clean structures and all with necks with peak. For day and night.

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