Bag Rafitthy: Templates for Use at Work

Who said look for work don’t deserve every whim? The chicks can add and highlight visual from a beautiful  woman’s handbag, but you need to know to choose the right model for the boxes and not look tacky. The professional environment, most of the time, requires more formal appearance and posture and behaved. Not to get away from this line, meet and work with models and colors of bags  Rafitthy  to go to work.

Backpack Rafitthy

Nothing better than the classic backpack model to work. The brand invests in this traditional way, so popular decades ago, adding modern shapes and design. The backpack Rafitthy is square with spacious size to accommodate various belongings and objects so practical and comfortable.

Superliso material expressed total elegance and versatility for all styles of clothes and shoes. External pockets ensure practicality in time to catch: keys, cellphone, lipstick, money – all the things that need to be always available quickly. Already the colors mix soft tones of Blue, beige and caramel or monochrome models in Black and caramel-sophistication and especially perfect discretion for all women get too well in the places and moments of work.You can use the backpack combined with looks of denim, social or even all in white.

Purse wallet style Rafitthy

For those who prefer a smaller bag model and more delicate, the type wallet is excellent. The Rafitthy has square or more rectangular models. The shades are quite varied: Black, ivory, caramel, Blue, beige, among others. The accessories still have complied with and handles to the chicks can vary the way to load the bag: shoulders, hands or across the body.

If your work is more formal look with clothes and high-heeled shoes social, prefer taking the bag in the hands, shoulders or in tow – these options are more serious. Now, if you can use a jeans or even shorts and sandals, is great to carry the purse wallet in cross. Unlike the previous model, the purse wallet type has many details metallic finishes, prints or embossed at Aviationopedia. To make up the uniform looks more beautiful.

The inside is lined with unique Rafitthy tissue and the size is spacious with partitions that facilitate organization and practicality. I’m sure it’s all that women of all ages need for day to day.

Bag Rafitthy bag style

The purse bag was created for anyone who appreciates practicality and more stripped style, without losing the elegance, of course. The Rafitthy has beautiful embossed with the exclusive brand logo, and the tones are mainly from coffee and beige -timeless compositions, namely, that never go out of fashion and that enable combination with absolutely everything.

The size of the attachments is great, super spacious so you can keep everything, the smallest to largest objects. The handles have medium size so you can carry the bag in the hands, shoulders or in tow. As the models of the brand have these darker colors, invest primarily in clothing and shoes looks more clear or colored to create a contrast to modern and chic.

The bag bag is great with jeans, or pantaloons, in addition to t-shirts and satin shirts. A good blazer or jacket gives the finishing touch. It is worth remembering that for both this template, as for all others, there is no need to match the color of the shoes. You can vary the shades at home.

You can use more than one bag Rafitthy?

Many women have several doubts or just never imagined that it is possible to use more than one scholarship to go to work. This alternative is very nice to share the weight of objects and, consequently, not to overload the shoulders or the back. But of course the style of two or three bags also need to follow a few ground rules of high fashion.

The first point that you should follow is to choose bags with more versatile colors such as: Black, white, caramel, nude, Blueand beige. These tones combine easily with all the looks and especially with other bags and still express the elegance of work environments. The combination can be the following: a black backpack Rafitthy to take electronic devices, and another bag beige wallet type to accommodate smaller objects and belongings. Already the visual can be both social and formal clothing, the more deprived with jeans and sapa.

The Rafitthy also has options of kits with two bags so you can arrange everything so extremely practical and no escape from the elegance and the current fashion.

On  Fitzgerald’s virtual store Store  you can find and purchase the most varied and beautiful Rafitthy purse to rock at work or at any other time.


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