Baby Shower

One of the most awaited moments during pregnancy is the baby shower. One of the funniest traditions of the day is games and games.

Baby Shower


Besides being a fun for the future mom and the guests, it is still a great way to learn new tips, as some of these games promote the exchange of information related to the baby.

Below you can learn how to choose diaper play games, and many games to play on that day.

How to choose diaper play jokes

As mentioned above, baby shower play has a dual function: to have fun, but also to promote the exchange and sharing of tips and information useful for the future mom’s life.

As such, it is important to choose games that are related to motherhood. In addition, it is also important that the choice of these games respect the profile of the future mom, since it is the center of the party, and should feel good and comfortable.

Plan everything in time, as many of these games and games may require specific materials to accomplish.

Baby Shower Play

Guess the Gift
This is a classic on any party with gifts. The future mom will have to find out what the offer is before opening the package.

Feeding of baby bottles
In this game, there is a competition between several guests to see who is the first to drink all the water placed on a bottle. You can use juice or even beer, in the case of men.

Race pap
In this game each team must be composed of two people. One of them has to give a pot of baby potato to the other, and whoever eats the fastest wins.

Changing the diaper
This game is a competition between several guests, in which anyone who changes diapers gets the fastest. But do not worry, no real babies will be used in this game. For this game you will need a doll, a disposable diaper, roasting ointment and talcum powder.

Hot Potato Game
In the Hot Potato game, there is a box with a well-trimmed adult diaper that is passed from hand to hand until the song is finished. Whoever has the box right now will have to wear this diaper for the rest of the party.

Find the pacifier
This is a hidden game, where the future mom hides a pacifier, and the guests will have to find out. The first to find can win a prize.

Discover the flavor of
the baby potatoes The baby potatoes have a not very pleasant taste for those who are already grown. In this game you must use several pots of potatoes, with different flavors and without label, and win who discover the main ingredient.