Avoid Overtraining in Young Athletes

Overtraining is a phenomenon that many athletes have to deal with a standard form that will not rise, a valley in the performance, as you will not get out. The opposite of such a form crisis has of course become steadily better.This can be done by super substitute, which is actually based on the same principles as overtraining. The same mechanism, but two completely different results. How you achieve optimal performance?

The Mold Crisis

In 2008, she was still a champion all round the world in Berlin. But then went down with Paulien van Deutekom hill Waards. Since then, she never went so fast that when in 2008. Why? It was a mental problem? Physically? Or a combination of both. She is certainly not the only one ever in such a form crisis?? ?? get together. So you can watch the cyclist Thomas Dekker, who last season and a half with the Rabobank team was in such a rut. The continuing disappointing results finally drove him to doping, as an attempt to turn around!
Micha Krajicek is also familiar with the phenomenon. In 2007 she took even the quarterfinals of Wimbledon, but in 2008 they do not go beyond the first round of a Grand Slam and plagued by injuries and poor results followed in 2009 did not even participate in one of the big tournaments.
Just googling gives us a clue to the cause of a form crisis. In voetbaltop cocaine use, according to Neuropsychologist Erik Matsersingel the main reason for a form crisis. But it does not offer all the answers. Cocaine is commonly known as a performance Enhancer. But your body slowly breaks down, but there are big quantities required. In addition, no one will believe that dear Paulien van Deutekom to Coke and sit at the many doping controls in cycling on Thomas Dekker also noticed.
Another cyclist, Tom Boonen, is familiar with the use of Coke. Since 2008, he has been there three times captured. Boonen, however, is still expanding its list of beautiful, a form crisis in his absence!

Physical overtraining

It would be a physical problem? It seemed to it that. Form Crisis seems to be a form of overtraining or overuse. If an athlete wants to do too much or in a season than his body which just ruined by too many get through. The only cure is rest.
Educational effects, tiredness at first, but after the recovery improves performance: it goes super compensation op. There also are very easy to explain if you look only at the structure of your training. After each workout should be put to rest in order to recover the body. You could say that right after a workout, your level is impaired. By letting the body recover you get back to your normal level and also acting?? Super compensation?? on. That means your level increases even by getting plenty of rest! But you will entrust the early again your body then you cover of super compensation and reduce your level. Below you can see the effect of the super compensation and at the right time to give a boost to training again.
Through a training stimulus to the super compensation rises niveau. Hot performance level rises about the time, the time between training and decrease due to fatigue depends on the type and intensity of the workout.
Below you can see how it can go wrong. A new training stimulus is built in the Valley of fatigue? ?? so no super compensation occurs and reduces your level.
You’ll also see it again at Paulien. 2008 was by far her best years. She won a lot and if you win a lot, you want to win more. So you participate in more races and you will train more. You make your body even more to the test! And finally becomes too much and you end up in a crisis. My advice to Pauli: hug from it all for a year. Go a half in Spain to do nothing, a little ice skating sometimes, some bikes.But not too much and not doing too intensive, pleasant rest! In that regard, Thomas Dekker it thoroughly. A suspension of two years of the course provides more than enough time to rest
Robin van Galen also describes in his book using tapered off??. ?? This means that you no longer will train hard in the final days before a major tournament, but added the example concludes certain factions. This too can be traced back to the effect of the super compensation. You will have to train hard, then it falls??? Dal fatigue?? in a tournament! By educating quiet valley is less and super compensation, you should have the training that occurs earlier in the period.

The mental aspect

As we have seen, the overtraining is a very gradual process. But if we look at the results look more like a great cover. It may depend on the mental aspect. If you’re mentally strong State can rise above you almost out. Huge power can compensate leading up to the tournament for the looting that you commit to your body. This tournament then runs fine, but after your focus away and suddenly you find that you come into a valley.
Otherwise, according to the example of Paulien, you win something you want more, you exercise more, you get more and you get into a flow. Flow is the strange phenomenon where everything is successful. And because everything is going well, you’ll notice fewer of the negative effects of overuse that you commit your body. Flow ever stops and then leaves you with a terrible congestion.