Autumn Nail Polish

Some of you may be still in the summer mode, but in time for the meterological autumn start on 1 September, I would like to dedicate this top 3 blog parade to the autumn nail polish. In addition to cooler temperatures, there were also some gloomy rainy days. I hope, of course, for a golden autumn with brightly colored foliage. Also in terms of color, I am looking forward to the autumn and I am curious what paints you would like to wear in the near future especially and often. Thank you again to the participants of the Top 3 Catrice news ! The contouring palette I have already grown. The winners of the three Catrice products of their choice I will reveal below.

Burberry 445 “Antique Gold”

What a beautiful color! A dirty old gold, which would certainly fit well into my top 3 Christmas nail varnishes. But I find the color quite autumn-ready and would like to paint the next weeks again. Qualitatively synonymous here everything: a wide brush as I prefer it, simple order and great covering power. The durability is on my nails also super. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Astor Quick & Shine 204 “Life In Pink”

Already a few days ago I told you about the Astor Quick & Shine nail polish in the pretty color “Life in Pink”. Pink in the fall? I think that is, especially when it is a beautiful, covered pink with berry undertone.

Essie “Cozy In Cashmere”

If other beauty enthusiasts can immediately recognize the nail varnish on your nails, then it is usually an essie varnish. So at least my experience! Also on Cozy in Cashmere from the cashmere mat LE I was already spoken. A great color and an extraordinary finish meant that I too had succumbed to the hype and had to have it absolutely. A mauve tone with violet-bluish shimmer, which is very good in the sunlight (in the photo unfortunately not).


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Last round there was again a profit play. I have raffled three Catrice products of all the contestants, who have revealed in their contribution which products they would choose. The winner is Schminktussi. Congratulations! Please write me an email with at least 5 of your desired products. I then look which three of them are available.