Au Revoir Paris: Fashion Miu Miu and Vuitton Will Depart

Paris He said goodbye and we say goodbye to your Fashion week with sorrow, but also with many joys. The joys of knowing that fashion is still wind aft, that dream has not ended and that developers continue to make wonders to remove the breathing. Cannot be said that the deadline was the latest: Vuitton and Miu Miu, Elie Saab waiting just around the corner.

Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs in Louis Vuitton back to the 60’s, although it appears that that was not his intention.

“I can’t seem to avoid to reference when I design,” But it wasn’t meant to be 60s. “” “The beehive hair probably aided that”.

The hair reminds it us, but also add-ins, lines and chessboards which is stamped on each one of the exits in tones so diametrically opposed as the white and the yellow Tweety.

The pencil skirts flooded the runway as do heels media, sometimes a little viejunos, except in its conception more mod and the white and black, undisputed king of the catwalk and the entire fashion week.

Miu Miu

The curtain opens, sound tracks on thousands and thousands of Miles Davis of Malcolm McLaren with a trumpet as a beginning and we hope us a femme fatale out of the darkness and trap us with its long nozzle and Kitty and murderous look. What you don’t expect is what leads…

Cowboy, but the refined cowboy, of which only Miuccia It can be more sophisticated:

All of the denim was lined in duchesse satin I was trying to be very elegant in a very different way ”

And his manner was the blending the richness of haughty ladies with the poverty of the tissue of the miners in the beginning. As she herself said, the femme fatale is not perfect, not unless I like that to me. And which she seem like they work, live in a Mad Men standing and cowboy look but also faded skins that clogged the few shames showing, with some cropped top

Elie Saab

Talk about Elie Saab He is talking about dresses that cut the breath, if Sissi lived today would look a permanent Elie Ssab in his life. However contemplate his collection summer 2013 It is down to the land of the mortals.

They are aristrocraticas but work. Perhaps tired of both gown, the collection focused on day in nothing nuanced colors such as turquoise blue or red and sometimes in strokes porpias of Basquiat.