ASUS ZenWatch 2, First Impressions (With Video): a Moderate Renovation

ASUS presented its new Android Wear watch for this year in June but has not been to IFA When we have had chance to try it. The first model took to arrive (look at it a few months ago on Engadget) but the second generation aims to be available before the end of the year.

As we saw with the bike 360 this year, few improvements from one generation to another Android Wear. Once again, two sizes, a more mature design but with the same feeling that still is still much ahead to see a substantial jump in the smartwatches. This is our first impressions with the ZenWatch 2.

Our first impressions video

Before continuing with our touchdown, you teach the new ZenWatch 2 with every little detail. From Berlin with love, there it goes:

The most elegant square clock in Android Wear

ASUS seems to be clear about your idea of smartwatch and in this second edition of his ZenWatch continues to maintain the square format. Elegant, with many choices of strap and a physical button that gives the feeling of being a rotating Crown but that, as in other Android Wear, it’s a push from a single position.

This time committed by two different sizes being the small model a good choice for those who want a clock attached to the phone but they prefer something small and discreet. Some thank the screen of the original ZenWatch was a big thing for according to what dolls.

Manage getting two chances but Asus is still a problem: the little use of front space. The screen has generous frameworks that make that you occupy too much space on your wrist. There are probably a justification of design and electronics back but we would like to see a better use, like the bike 360 for example.

The small editions of ZenWatch 2 and Moto 360 is becoming, without making much noise, in very attractive clocks. They fit better in all kinds of dolls.

See belts that had been available at IFA that Asus He has made good choices: the metal have a very secure snap and finishes transmit high quality. You can perform many combinations and it is a universal connector always we put that we like. The problem? That do not reach all the officers and remain in Asia.

The rest of the experience It has not undergone changes: a display that looks good, Android Wear remains the same fluid… This time Asus has wanted to add several applications to watch (enough in my opinion, as it does on their mobiles) to give more value and above all we do not have to search Google Play to find alternatives to these tools.

We saw in the presentation but none of the models that we could try in IFA came with tools and applications introduced by Asus. Is a good detail by Asus that push them as so the novice user can discover at a glance that the clock has just purchased is able to do something more to show mobile notification.

Your price will be one of the keys

The battery probably held in the two days of use, but for the moment it is difficult to know at this first touchdown. The good news? It will be an accessible clock: 149 euros input that will go up depending on the model. Good feeling in the wrist but the same problem as with other Android Wear: leave us a little warm.

It is not a bad product, but we expect a trend by manufacturers. Android Wear grows with each update, but gives the feeling that Asus, Huawei, Motorola, and company they are running with little margin and that in the end the choice between one and the other depends on design.