ASUS New Padfone Review: the Successful Marriage

The latest in niche series from Asus delivers horsepower in stylish design-but the quality is not quite on a par with its competitors.

The original Asus Padfone was presented in 2011, which is an Android smartphone with its tablet. The special was that the Tablet has not even had the barges, but was instead driven by Padfone phone as a hybrid concept.

One and a half years after arrived the successor Asus Padfone 2 with upgraded hardware and specifications.

Now the company is back with The New Padfone which again distancing itself from competitors’ mindset that smartphone and tablets should be connected at a distance.

Do you take Padfone as at your stand?

It’s quite special about the concept is, of course, that cloud-epidemic that rages like a biblical plague, be overridden, since all content transmitted by phone on the back dock. So if you want to check out a new app from the Tablet, do not worry about unattended installations or internet access.

Ignorant customers of Padfone will no doubt be greeted by the message “the app does not support dynamic screen shift and has been closed. Do you want to restart the app manually? “when they go on the app-hunting in Google Play-the universe.

Of endless reasons have Asus for disabled by default feature by downloading new apps that allows you to transfer content from the phone to the tablet, and vice versa.
However, it can be activated in ASUS ‘ custom settings.

The actual transfer of content is markedly improved from earlier, and goes surprisingly quickly. Screen on Padfone Station is fast ready to show what you have found on the cell phone and vice versa. In addition, you can easily talk on the phone, and here jump back and forth between phone and tablet portion.

The actual installation of the smart phone is a breeze, and no reason for concern. Asus has with their “Docking Retention Technology” perfected this feature, so you can safely rely on the fact that the happy couple stays together.

She is delicious, while he is lucky

Asus has with their 5 “smartphone carved into a piece of aluminum that is your phone according to the manufacturer even referred to as a” unibody “design. The back is also superbly performed in a “brushed-metal” finish, and Asus has even integrated NFC chip as part of the “Padfone” logo at the bottom.

My looks are, therefore, not a finger to put on The New Padfone, however, disappears the well-rounded experience so little of use. Twists to the phone, it has very easy to kosin008 and knagen, even more than the included tablet that is molded in plastic.

Padfone Station with glass screen of 10,1 content doubles “, which as mentioned before is with plastic back. In spite of the fact that the material is not ideal as a starting point to a rugged tablet, copes with the design it surprisingly well. The back feels cheap, but the experience is approved.

Young and adorable she looks out

The screen resolution on both products is defined as Full HD. The New Padfone can perform a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It therefore provides a pixel density of 441 PPI, which makes that you cannot separate the pixels on the screen in a normal account.

Padfone Station supply on the 10.1 “big screen, a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Here smoking pixel density down on 224 PPI, but it has no great significance, because the loss is not considered in so short a distance as mobiles.

Both monitors delivers rich colors, with good contrast provides a natural picture. Nor is there a finger to put on the viewing angle, when you see the screen from the side.

Go long on deforestation

The battery in The New Padfone is at 2400 mAh and Padfone Station is at 5000 mAh. So there is plenty of power to muddle through a full work day, and the possibility of adaptation of power consumption between the two devices.

It is the Interior that counts, but not quite enough

The phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, with a clock speed of up to 2.2 GHz, can easily guarantee the liquid experience of operation on the device UI. The New Padfone comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean without the use of special Asus-skin. Instead, they have created særtilpassede Asus Web applications that the end user can make use of.

However, I experience that there is a lack of engine power when The new Padfone must perform with great games. Here can the liquid gameplay so be challenged.

Another place I notice the lack of power, is by displaying the image. Here, it is clear that The New Padfone must use little extra powder to make the image sharp when I’m flicking through the collection. A nuisance that should not be present with the machine power.

When the big day to test

The camera in The New Padfone can without a doubt replace your current compact camera. There are 13 megapixels to do well with, in addition to an interface in the camera interface, which helps small tips and quick, easy presets.

You can record Full HD with this Padfone and, at the same time, take snapshots while you change the focus can be changed by simply tapping on the screen.
However, I am amazed that Asus not must have previously installed a camera shortcut on the lock screen, so customers are ready to take quick snapshots.

You’ll need to buy The New Padfone?

I will leave it up to you, because the concept is a matter of taste.
Asus ‘ The New Padfone works very well in daily use. When Padfone Station comes over a “non-tablet-friendly app” smartphone version will instead be shown exactly as we know it from an iPad.

Padfone missing, despite impressive specifications, still the last to be able to deliver the complete and floating experience. However, the company must have points in order to further develop hybrid concept, which unfortunately makes the device flips on the table, and not suitable for Office desktop, unless you find a soft underlay.

There is no doubt that hybrid concept will provide immediate meaning for many customers, who do not go up in the technology behind cloud-the universe. Here is the Tablet instead, exactly as you’d expect, a great phone in advance ready for both browsing, sms and calls. Wedding couple gets why 4 stars.

+ Great design
+ Impressive display with good viewing angles
+ Almost stock-Android 4.2.2 and therefore faster upgrades

-Feels cheap despite the aluminum design
-Tablet made with plastic back cover
-Very few manual camera functions
-Toggles on the table