ASUS Indicates Smartphone Camera With Optical Zoom

New ASUS Zenfone with optical zoom already to the CES by 2015? Asus has released a video on YouTube, in which the outstanding feature of the new Zenfones via Morse code is submitted. To simplify the translation, the Morse code as lines and points are shown. How have previous videos is also this film under the slogan “see what others can’t see” (see what others cannot see).

Thus substantiates the suspicion that itself had already imposed by the last video of ASUS: is shortly to a Smartphone, which has two cameras on the back in the film published on Facebook, GigaOM reports. With two separate lenses, the camera can simultaneously record probably two pictures of an object are added together at the end to a photo. This enables sharper pictures especially in the mid-range magnification.

Presentation At CES By 2015

Because the new video reference Electronics Show 2015 at the end of the consumer, which takes place between the 6th and 9th January in Las Vegas, it is very likely that ASUS will introduce its new smartphone on the event to the public. Apparently, ASUS plans an appropriate event to which there should be also a live stream for January 5.