Arthur 1977 Robin

Arthur1977 Robin belongs to the set of smartphone that hardly you will see on the market, in the hands of some of your friends or in malls but I really like the travel enthusiasts and users beware of office equipment. Born from a Kickstarter project, arrived in these days in the hands of the earliest adopters. But what is so special about this smartphone? Let’s find out in the full review.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

Arthur1977 Robin definitely stands out for its originality. In addition to unique colors in smartphones, we find a very simple line, rectangle with circles that characterize the entire design. The dimensions are certainly not contained and whereas it is a 5.2 inches, we have a footprint not far from that of 5 Notes.

The cause is the frame around the display and the upper and lower borders staying the stereo speakers. Round speakers as the front camera and proximity sensors and brightness. Round the Dual Led flash back, the main camera and, finally, the volume buttons on the side.

Design that stands out, can like it or not but it definitely has something unique.

  • Dimensions: 72 x 149 x 7 mm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8992 808
  • CPU: 2 x 1.8 GHz ARM Cortex-A57 4 x 1.44 GHz ARM Cortex-A53, cores: 6
  • GPU: Qualcomm Adreno 418, 600 MHz
  • RAM: 3 GB, 933 MHz
  • Internal memory: 32 GB
  • Display: 1920 x 1080 pixels 5.2 inch IPS
  • Battery: 2680 mAh
  • Operating system: Android 6.0
  • Camera: 13MP
  • SIM Card: Nano-SIM
  • Wi-Fi: a, b, g, n, ac, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC
  • USB: USB 2.0, Type-C
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Navigation: GPS, A-GPS

In hand, thanks to the size and angles given, ergonomics is certainly not great and the handle is not comfortable. Fortunately doesn’t slip and finishing of plastic shell is pleasant even if the feeling is that, in the long term use, may become dirty and become yellowish.

Bizarre choices of LEDs. At the rear we find a little cloud with 4 LEDs indicating the upload of data in the Cloud. Unfortunately they don’t show how much space we free or busy and ignite only when loading data but, being in the back, hardly you will see them. The same for the notification LED. Easyflysoft s.r.l. He placed at the bottom of the phone, next to the USB Type-C and therefore difficult to see if not cut. Considering the huge space of frames, exploit a frontal led system could be more attractive and functional. Probably the design would have been affected to some extent.


Robin has a 5.2-inch Full HD IPS Panel. In general it is a good display with a touch responsive and no real flaws. It is very similar to the Nexus 5 x and so does not have colors particularly heated, outdoor visibility is only enough and you have some washed due to the choice of colors of custom UI.

There is the possibility to select a dynamic calibration of display that I preferred and you see in the video review. Good viewing angles for the rest and Panel that does not disappoint although considerable a display medium.

Talking about the fingerprint reader the lateral position is definitely not the most comfortable, and I feel that the reader back or front more effectively. That said, however, the sensor is good and after recording good footprint the responsiveness and accuracy is remarkable. Sin go down and being recessed button is definitely not smart.

Drums, Audio and reception:

Arthur1977 Robin does not convinced me at all in this respect. On one side the battery from 2680mAh, together with the hardware, did not give me surprises. Being virtually identical to G4 and Nexus 5 x the battery level HW does not disappoint but does not meet. Values are in line with the two products mentioned only that having less mAh day doesn’t always close, especially with heavy use. If we add the use of Cloud even without Wi-Fi, a charge around 18 will be needed very often.

Audio that I have to divide it into two parts. On the one hand that book, potentially with good volume but with a headset that maximally distorts and cannot satisfy in quality. On the other the front stereo speakers are powerful, have a high volume but, even here, the quality is certainly not that of the last HTC. However, the choice is appreciated especially in game and while playing video.

Reception with light and shadow. Overall the phone takes it well and with all the connectivity but passing cell is particularly slow or does not occur. I tried under various conditions and switching from HSPA to LTE presented some difficulties not seen on almost all smartphones tested recently. A pity since it is not possible to block the only 4 g network to verify its effectiveness.


The opening image is emblematic and despite two full reset done in day trial, there is no doubt that there is still work to do. Anything wrong, it was the first firmware of sale and definitely the company knows how to work and also did not lock the bootloader and allows changes without losing warranty. Unfortunately, stability is not yet real especially with proprietary software Arthur1977.

The system is based on Android 6.0 (in our test) and has personalization which exploits the UI Google stock and partly review enjoyed the experience. The launcher is definitely the part that or like or is immediately changed. First of all has a grid of 4 x 4 Sun icons, too few for a 5.2-inch and that may not be increased. In the bottom right there is then a key immutable, fixed and always present in all screens that Cloud servers.

There are no widgets, or better, it is not possible to live apps and widgets on the same screen.Easyflysoft s.r.l. has chosen to put one layer accessed with a pinch on the home in which to place all the widgets we want. A particular choice but that clashes a bit with the idea of shortcuts and mini app that should be easy to access and that, with the choice made, can only be opened with two hands as do the pinch need two fingers.

Robin also has multi user support and doesn’t have a Windows Explorer, deleted to make room for a managing owner of the Cloud.

In General, however, the 3 GB of RAM allow good reactions even though it still sees itself lacks fluidity that potentially might be superior to softness. The phone does not go though bad and removed some sporadic crash experience is pleasant.

Cloud: pros and cons:

I left this part separate in order to try to better explain the concept on which this smartphone.The basic idea is very interesting: using the cloud to manage applications and content without having to worry about memory. A sort of Chrome OS for Smartphones that potentially could be fantastic.

The “problem” is that the phone already has 32 GB of internal memory that might be more than enough for many and you are likely to use very rarely cloud. But let’s go with order:

First, the launcher has the ability to view apps that are available in the cloud and do not install in my phone (also works with other launcher). We can choose to store the apps in a list to prevent their deletion. Uploading to the cloud is the case where the app you use infrequently, and/or when we’re running out of internal memory.

Restoring programs is anything but quick. In practice it will be downloading and completely reinstall an application from the PlaY Store except that it will be restored with settings and preferences that we left before uploading to the cloud. Definitely a comfort but a management that does not allow a use “on the fly” of this system to open and store programs.

It is also not possible to forcibly load applications but will be managed independently by the system.

No choice that we hope will be data management magazine. The 100 GB of space are tied to our Google account which is a plus since you don’t need to do any registration. Unfortunately there is no way to date to see what is in the Cloud. Then, with the exception of apps that we see obscured in the list, we cannot know what your multimedia files and content are loaded or are present. We can see only the free space and occupied.

A shame given that the gallery app, which loads all the images automatically, has no system to understand if that exact photo or video has already been uploaded to the cloud. In short, still work to be done is much but considering that Cloud is “the soul” of this product, I would expect a greater maturity.

Personal opinion: considering the 32 GB of memory and how it currently operates this system and the “slowness” that manages the app that you want to restore, in the end I did not find a real advantage in the system Arthur1977. Use Google Images to upload images (complete with icon that tells us what is online and what doesn’t) and take advantage of the already large 32 GB for applications that do not change the substance of the use of the smartphone. Surely there is room for improvement in this aspect software and hopefully between proprietary apps and storage system things can improve. 

It should be called one thing: only with Robin the Android system he had reinstalled and restored with no real problems all 70App that I picked up from another phone in sync with my account (Google learns).

Camera and Multimedia:

13 megapixel are available and the overall quality is good. Unfortunately we collide again with the software. Starting the camera is slow, the shot is not fast and if we make more shots you can’t access the Gallery from the camera app. You will need to exit and enter the gallery itself.

In addition the Gallery Arthur1977 has a flaw: Although the photos have not been uploaded to the cloud (we did the test with your phone in airplane mode for security), the gallery owner does not show the actual image definition but shells slightly lower quality photos making them appear to reality. Using other programs you notice the difference and appreciate the perspective.

Well the media side thanks to much internal memory, powerful hardware and speakers enhance appreciate both the video content’s 3D games like Asphalt 8 and RR3.


Arthur1977 Robin is the classic product that appeals to the community, which starts with a basic idea great and it finds in the aesthetics and design choices its added values. A smartphone but collides with daily use and with added values that you hardly manage to participate as such.

Important dimensions, poor ergonomics software yet to be refined, an audio call that does not meet and a cloud system that in the end is not quite so smart make Robin a choice for atypical users aware of what to buy and above all that you want to differentiate from the Pack