Apple Distributes Lorde-Gift

The app “12 Days of gifts” for iOS devices just a little something for fans of the band Lorde, if you are fast.

As described for exactly a week ago, then again Christmas gifts for iOS users from Apple, which via the app “12 Days of gifts” can look forward to (d). 26.December, where first gift is ready for download.

Yesterday, Apple has so secretly put a small foretaste out that enough can delight fans of the band Lorde, who among other things is famous for the track “Royals”.

The gift consists of the band’s “No Better” number from iTunes, and music video from the popular “Royals” song.

As it was yesterday, where the gift was laid out, there is no guarantee how long it remains available.

You will also be alerted to upcoming Christmas gifts from Apple, if you have allowed the app to send you push notifications.