Apple Can Be Patented Is a Self-Developed Paper Bag

For Apple, sustainability plays an important role for a long time. So investing the group worldwide in renewable energy and supports, for example, research projects on the development of wave power plants.

Some time was used also at the presentation of the new iPhone, to explain what polluting materials are no longer used. Since the spring, customers at the Apple stores get no plastic bags around the world also. Instead, specially designed paper bags are used. They seem so good to get that Apple has applied for even an official patent for the bags with the Apple logo at the customer.

The Bag Consists Of Sixty-Five Percent Recycled Paper

Of course, there are already lots of paper bags on the market. Apple but believes to have solved a problem regularly. Because previously: more recycled paper is used in the production, the bag becomes more unstable. At Apple, the proportion of recycled paper is but proud sixty percent and still even the computers of the group can be worn with the bags easily. This is made possible by specially reinforced corners and edges. It sounds relatively simple, was developed by highly-paid designers in truth. So was among other things the team used, which has developed also the magnetic connection to the charger for Apple’s laptops in the past.

Apple Customers Get The Bag For Free With Every Purchase

Apple has so much time and money invested in the development of an alternative to the plastic bag and want to protect them now. Such a request would be uncommon in Europe, in the United States it is but common that companies once patent also everyday objects can be. For Apple customers, nothing is changed by the patent application however: he receives the self-developed paper bag remains free of charge to every purchase. With the absence of plastic bags, Apple is world is by no means alone. So the German supermarket chain REWE avoided on the sale of plastic bags for some timealready. Also now the discounter Lidl announced similar.