Another Flaw in Amazon AWS Takes Netflix Air

Netflix, the service by subscription streaming movies and series, announced on Wednesday (26) that the Christmas Day incident (25) was caused by problems in the Amazon AWS. It is not the first time and certainly not the last time that large Internet companies put the blame on Jeff Bazos empire. “We are investigating what exactly happened and how we could prevent,” a Netflix spokesman to the site of the agencyReuters.

Information passed by the spokesman realize a blackout in the Amazon data center in Virginia, United States. Usually it is in this data center, located north of the state, which are Internet service due to the highly competitive price. And popular services and this is our site hosted there. Any cucumber affects a lot of users.

Seeing this news at Reuters, immediately raised the following question: Is the time has come to Netflix start building a structure content storage? It is true that most use the so – called pillar of storage of cloud computing that firepower processing. They need todrain this content through partnerships with CDNs, local servers that replicate the most accessed content of the original servers in Amazon AWS.

A structure costs extremely expensive, have no doubt about that. But we are talking about the core business of Netflix. They live to deliver content (not enter into the merits of the quality) of various devices of subscribers. Report published by the TB shows theexorbitant service numbers: there are 10 million files and 100 million encodings made. All this is in the hands of the Amazon partnership thanks to cloud called Amazon AWS. Any choking is felt around the world.

Another option would be to start a contingency plan with the participation of other public clouds like Azure created by Microsoft. I do not know the technical details of the operation of each of the platforms. Suffice it to say that both Amazon and Microsoft would be happy to arrange adjustments to the Netflix service work in their respective platforms.

Last but not least, we could not leave the BitTorrent side. This decentralized data sharing protocol, is well suited, could well assist in delivering content to subscribers – especially the most requested files from Netflix’s collection.

Any alternative takes time and money. However, they are better than continue in that situation where an entertainment monster puts the blame on a beast of technology. And the same consumer, who pays for the service, is to see ships in full Christmas. Probably these people had to resort to a walk on the beach, stroll around the nearby mountains or perhaps attend the supper to ward off boredom.

Amazon AWS has servers in Brazil. The latency is reduced. The cost is much higher Virginia to the data center.

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