Android Wear Receives News: Interactive Clock Displays, Together and Wi-Fi in LG G Watch R

Last week leaked it, but today was the day chosen by Google to officially announce the new Interactive clock displays and new functionality Android Wear together.

Android Wear leaves show only a fixed clock display to make it more useful and interactive thanks to the new Interactive clock displays It will allow users more information part of the time without having to rely on notifications cards.

Interactive clock displays

For example, with interactive clock display bit users may consult the unread email, upcoming meetings, the steps and missed calls.

With Under Armour users will have direct access to your stats in fitness. Playing the clock display you will see the number of steps, calories burned and distance.

Google Play we found a collection of 21 applications with interactive clock displays. Soon will be more interactive clock displays.

Android Wear Together

Android Wear Together It is a new feature as an interactive clock display that will connect two people with their clocks. Once linked two users through its Android Wear may send drawings, photos, emojis, stickers and activities (if we are on the phone, doing sports or driving). You have all the information on Android Wear Together.

Wi-Fi LG G Watch R

Google has announced that the new version of Android Wear finally adds Wi-Fi support to the LG G Watch R so that they can receive notifications, music download, perform actions and use many of your applications without relying on sync Bluetooth of your mobile phone.

These new features of Android Wear they will arrive during the next few weeks all the watches from the market.