Android Wear and 360 Moto Will Arrive in China Within Shortly a Series of Limitations

A few days ago, a couple of Anglo-Saxon media uncovered the rumours of a story that could have much scope if it is confirmed: Google’s return to China. With a series of limitations, that Yes. Apparently, Mountain View want to re-enter the country and accept the conditions that lay in local government. This movement translates to many areas because Google is a real giant.

A little later than this information, a source has confirmed what Google China plans to introduce Android Wear in this market. Aware of the expansion of Apple in this country, they want to get there and his spear could be the second generation Motorola Moto 360. The key? Lenovo.

For an Android Wear less Google

The bike 360 that would come to China would be something different that we have seen in the rest of the world. Physically it will be the same but the software will come with very important changes: there will be no connection with Google Play or not Google Now as an Assistant’s voice be used to perform the different commands.

These holes would be covered by Mobvoi for the assistance of voice and Sogou for maps management. Everything else would be equal and although You can not install applications of Google Play, Chinese developers can adapt and create watches-oriented apps.

Google is a good opportunity for two reasons. On the one hand the most obvious: get into a product with a large user base and get the market share of Android Wear increases and with it the number of users that have connected to your wrist watch. It should be noted that Motorola is a company owned by Lenovo and probably this has facilitated entry to China.

Android Wear, such as operating system, would be quite controversial in China. It is one of the products where Google is more present and where the range of customization that manufacturers have is very small. It is striking that on a platform so tied to Google’s services have been able to remove these ties and allow entering third parties to fill this gap.

Bring Android Wear modified Android could be a great opportunity to grow the category: more models, new manufacturers, affordable prices…

The second chance is found in the “opening” of Android Wear so both developers of applications such as manufacturers can help to expand the category. Today there are few companies making clocks connected with this system and offer a “commodity” that works well could serve so that we will see many more models.

You just have to keep an eye on any Chinese import online store to discover that there are a lot of affordable connected watch manufacturers that they develop their own software and rarely get good results. Provide them with a better tool, it could be a good way to grow.

If finally confirmed this information, we will probably have an official announcement from Google to explain its arrival in China and the conditions in which will arrive. We will watch, but they are already several sources that take it for granted for what’s only left the okay from Google. The same okay ending probably censored in China.