Andre Agassi Career Highlights

In 2006, Andre Agassi took a long career farewell to the tennis audience. Let us put their greatest successes in a row.


Andre Agassi was born on april 29, 1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a very sporty family. His father, who was of Iranian descent, was an Olympic boxer.
When Agassi was but three years old, he was already as a promise.
A young professional
At thirteen wrote Agassi at Nick Bolletieri Tennis Academy in Florida, where there are several large tennis player was formed. From the very beginning distinguished Agassi in tennis games and at sixteen he was also professional. When he won six tournaments in 1988, he quickly climbed the rankings, obviously, that he stumbled up on fourth place! André could already count with high media attention, but did not come just by their tennis. After all, he had one?? bad boy??? image and was well known for its distinctive fashion taste that is sometimes contrasted with the classical tennisplunjes of their opponents. Also made his long blond flowing hair sure he does not go unnoticed.
First major victory
After all that has smaller tournaments won in 1992, his first major victory, and what! After a smooth course defeated Agassi in the final of Wimbledon Goran Invanisevic. And while Agassi over the years 1988-1990 be avoided still participate in Wimbledon because he hated the grassed area and a dress code that requires you to completely dressed in white had come into the area.

Successful collaboration with Brad Gilbert

After such a good year in 1993 André Brad Gilbert, hired as coach. Their cooperation would soon pay off with a victory in the U.S. Open. The winning mood could no longer play and Agassi reached since 1995 the first place in the world after also won at the Australian Open.
1996 passed without a Grand Slam victories, but the gold medal in the Olympics was a nice consolation!
In 1997, a year of contrasts
The following year, 1997, was successful on a personal level, but worrying professionally. Andre Agassi got married Brooke Shields, whom he had known since 1993, but his career was now well into the abyss of among other injuries much. He was also at 141. Place on the world rankings. Soon began to suffer his marriage during the doldrums of sitting career and marriage, Andre Agassi and Brooke Shields ended in 1999 when in divorce. Fortunately, André was able to muster all their courage and soon it was again better page on. At the end of 1999, Agassi held again the first place in the world rankings. He had already been named to stand behind all four Grand Slam tournament wins. He became the fifth player in history to win all four Grand Slams.
2001 was just a really good year. Through all their victories, Agassi won $ 23.502.790 in prize money.And in private he made for the wind as he married Steffi Graff that he now has two children. In addition to their hours on the tennis court, he also spent a lot of time at the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, a charity founded by him.
At the end of 2002 Andre Agassi hit a new record. He finished in second place in the rankings and became the oldest player to reach this ever.
In 2003, he managed to win the Masters tournament for the sixth time, as he defined wife Steffi Graff overtaken who had won this tournament five times.
In 2005 there were surprising an end to cooperation with the Nike already under André?? s entire tennis career adorned his tennis outfits. Nike was exchanged for Adidas.
2005 was unlucky enough also a year with injuries, which he also continued to operate during 2006. They prevented Agassi them reaching the victory he so looked forward to. Obviously will be on the world backward.

Emotional farewell

After the 2006 U.s. Open, Agassi would quit tennis. This had been announced two years earlier, and so it came to pass also. In the third round of the U.S. Open, he had to give in against Benjamin Becker.
His farewell speech did not go unnoticed. He thanked the crowd in a very emotional way for all it had given him. But let us not forget all the beauty that Andre Agassi gave his audience: big tennis a good tennis player.