Amiiqo, a Memory That Able to Save The Information of 200 Amiibos in Android

Today we speak of a very single accessoryr. If you are abreast of the Nintendo world today you know that from roughly a year ago, the company has begun to market plastic figures called Amiibo that we can use in certain games of 3DS and Wii U. Simple technology, works with NFC, and owner since the Japanese have not facilities that we use data from these memory cards disguised in dolls.

In fact, it has some drawbacks such as the fact that you can only use a profile on each one and if we want to bring them up (and many have) is not very comfortable. A United Kingdom company has developed an accessory that works on Android and solves all these problems. His name is Amiiqo.

A tool designed for collectors of Amiibos

The size of a disk of hockey, we are facing a flash memory NFC connection that allows us to store the data of 200 figures from Nintendo. Connected by Bluetooth to the phone, just have to put a figurine over to decide what we want to do with the data of this snowman: save them, charge others, modify them… All of this is managed through this app.

The interesting thing about this accessory is that we can use it also with “Amiibos” of white label. I.e., non-official figures and is in the end what matters is the memory that has inside, not the piece of plastic that has over. In this way, we can load data and use it in various games.

It is a very niche device that today There is only a game that really exploit the capabilities of the Amiibos: Super Smash Bros. If we are regulars, we can get out but to be able to transfer and load data this opens the debate on the creation of Amiibos tricks with best attributes.

In any case, if you want to get with it already is on sale in various shops of accessories for consoles. In the case of Spain, you can find it in United Kingdom at a price of EUR 44,99, something more (roughly 70 euros) If you want a more complete pack.