Alone in London

Few cities in the world are so cosmopolitan and interesting multiple to unattended as London, capital of the United Kingdom and across the old world. By Tino Monetti source: journal a/ed. 106 photo: Symbol Images travel is even one of the most invigorating and empowering our existence has already created. Move from the comfort of our home and everyday life to cross an ocean, […]

Travel is really one of the most invigorating experiences and

empowering our existence has already created. Move the

comfort of our home and everyday life to cross an ocean, facing hours in crowded plane and come to a place where everything, really everything (food, language, fashion, customs …) is different, it’s an activity … is different, is an activity that always puts us face to face with who we are, how we live and what we want from real life. Travel alone doubles the intensity of learning and reflection. Travel alone to London, so it’s almost one of the best experiences you can have.

The city, which was virtually destroyed in 1666 by a fire and an epidemic of bubonic plague, changes every day and reinvents itself to receive people from all over. To have an idea, annually, the metropolis receives 27 million visitors, equivalent to three times of your resident population. It’s not just tourist more …

Start your visit by exploring calmly West End, Covent Garden, are áreaonde neighborhood full of theatres where you can bump into celebrities like Jude Law, Soho, where breathes the gay life and choice of London, and Picadilly Circus, a veritable Eden of purchases. Then, change of scenery going to Shoreditch, lesser known area of the city where modern tourists, Arab immigrants and many street vendors that offer all kinds of items, even Mexican wrestling masks!

It’s time to invest in tourism. Go and visit the Clock Tower Big Ben, the world-famous clock planet. It is located next to the houses of Parliament, that are worth for your architecture and your long history of politics and public life. Changing side of the River Thames, to the London Eye, the giant wheel, since your inauguration in 1999, became the most beloved attraction for the residents of London. There, you can have a total vision of the British capital and even get married in a quick walk/half hour ceremony (but not this time, anyway, you are traveling alone!).

If you want you can also make boat trips up the Thames. The price doesn’t scare and the experience is worth it! The coolest of the ride is to pass under London Bridge. An old superstition says that site who

wave to someone passing through the bridge and get a nod in return, good luck for years. It’s worth a try, although the Londoners don’t like much staring and waving goodbye to anyone who SURFs across the river.

Those who enjoy the world of entertainment, you’ll love the Leicester Square. That’s where does The Empire, the most important Theater of the city, in which are held all the previews of great movies, complete with red carpet, screaming fans and many celebrities wearing long dresses or tuxedos fine. Is there next to Covent Garden, a great option for those who like theatre and musicals. He currently works as the Lion King, Mamma Mia!, Billy Elliot, Dirty Dancing and We Will Rock You attract many viewers and critical acclaim.

Time left? So if you like outdoor activities and to be surrounded by a lot of nature, a good option is the Hyde Park. Together with Kensington Gardens, which is adjacent, it forms one of the largest green areas of the city, with 2.5 km ² of extension. It is crossed by the Serpentine Lake and officially recognized as one of the Royal Parks of London. In 2004, a memorial was inaugurated in honour

Princess Diana, which consists of an oval-shaped granite source. Do picnic spot under the shade of the trees is what’s up!

Finish your shopping tour (Harrods and Selfridges are the largest stores of the United Kingdom. One of the coolest spaces and fashion is the Dover Street Market, with six floors filled with pieces of clothing and unique accessories!), investing in arts, leaving the night (Trash Palace, Friendly Society and Club are good directions) or exploring parts of the city that you didn’t know or which do not appear in any travel guide. This is often the best way to meet the real life of any city.

Let yourself be carried away by the cultural pluralism of London and come back happy,

killing of envy to all your friends with reports of an unforgettable journey!

12 places that cannot be left out

1-Twinings tea shop, run by Stephen Twining, the tenth generation of the clan that created the Twining teas. The host store (opened

in 1717) meets with an appointment.

2-Burlington Arcade, gallery that collects superexclusivas stores, as the Hancocks (which makes the official medals, offered by the Royal family who deserve a special merit), the polo players (where the Princes William and Harry choose costumes and equipments for polo) and The Vintage Watch (which has the largest collection of Rolex watches in the world).

3-Store Linley, Viscount David Linley, son of Princess Margaret, Queen elizabeth’s nephew. He’s a designer and responsible for some of the more sophisticated mobile London.

4-head-dresses Jack Lock & co., who works for 332 years. There was invented

the bowler (Bowler Hat used by Charlie Chaplin). Other famous guests were Lord Byron, oscar Wilde, Oliver Hardy (fat old tv series

Laurel and Hardy). Nowadays, sells women’s hats, as the

used in horse racing at Ascot.

5-Fortnum & Mason 1707 shop selling everything from jewelry to cheeses, in

six floors. Mr Mason, who started the business, was responsible for lighting the candles of the St James’s Palace.

6-Hatchard’s bookshop, oldest (1797) with more than 100,000

volumes. Is next to the Fortnum & Mason.

7-Urban Gentry is a company that does tours of purchases and tailor specific scripts.

8-Mahiki is the baladafrequentada by the Princes William and Harry, among other celebrities.

9-Primark, fi ca store on oxford Street and sells clothing superbaratas

(for up to 1 pound sterling!). Everyone will take a peek.

10-Topshop, new shop where the model Kate Moss has

a clothing line with your name.

11-Borough Market, the market of food that is super trendy

among locals and visitors.

12-shopping in Carnaby and Regent Street are also good. Invest!