Allowed to Use the Phone During Take-off and Landing with SAS

SAS is one of the first companies which are ready with new rules that allows the smartphone-benefits on board the aircraft.

You have previously read on our site that the European aviation authorities, has opened for the use of mobile phones during the entire flight.

The Scandinavian SAS allows in this context now that smartphones and tablets must be switched on during the whole flight, as long as they are put in “Airplane mode”. It writes the our site.

One of the first
There has long been the wish of the customers to be able to use the equipment, but as we see in other places, it is not their decision to take due to security.

In Monday were the new rules between the EU Commission and the European aviation safety agency EASA negotiated finished.

SAS is therefore one of the first airlines that have managed to adapt to the new rules.

“… We have responded effectively and changed our procedures as soon as the legislation was ready, and can already four days after authorities changed the rules to start our flights under the new framework, “says Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen, who is head of media relations at SAS in Denmark.

2014 offers several relaxations
As expected as the EU Commission on several changes to the rules, and security is a top priority.

“We would all like to be on, while we travel, but safety comes first. Now we are taking the first step towards the safe use of electronics by allowing use during taxiing, take-off and landing. Then we’ll look at how you can connect to a network, while one is aboard. We expect to issue new EU guidelines for the use of electronics with the send function turned on board the aircraft from European airlines in the course of a year, “writes EU transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said in a statement.

There are certainly many who would like to be able to stream Netflix on their way to Gran Canaria, but not at the risk of trouble in the air.