Set aside cribs and trees, discarded Christmas gifts, all the Christmas cakes and diet scales calibrated posts-bingeing, you just have to concentrate on the new year with a preview on trends jewelry for 2014. Said and done!

Also this year the jewel is confirmed as a must-have accessory to complement and enhance your outfit.

First jewelry trend: extra large sizes

If among your good intentions for the 2014 there is to not go unnoticed, you have chosen the right year. I’m still absolutely trendy jewelry extra-large: big necklaces, rings, bracelets from Gladiator and showy earrings. Notice to shyness and dare with your look precious!

The second trend: timeless diamonds

The diamond jewelry remain on the crest of a wave, always and everywhere. They are small or large, white or colored, this year the diamonds are an investment that does not disappoint, as long as they pay attention to what you buy of course.

The third trend: animal-jewel

You may have noticed that in fashion the animal print goes crazy, striped, spotted, Brindle and between Python, there’s plenty to choose from. For its part the jewelry in 2014 continues its long tradition of play precious animals as subjects. In addition to the snake of Bulgari and the Panther of ehuzhou, there are large rings with butterflies, dragonflies, frogs and more.

Quarter trends: pearls, pearls and Pearl yet

By now you know that i love jewelry with beads and it seems that even the jewelry store do it in 2014! There will be something for all tastes: from bright earrings, necklace strands of pearls, maxi compositions, white and round pearls are featured ever-greenthis year.

Fifth trend: between rock and punk

The fashion of 2013 has brought to the fore studs, locks and metal spikes. In 2014 the jewelry rivisiteranno those “damn years ‘ 80”!

Continue to be very trendy chains, classic item of jewellery. They range from small businesses to large chains in gold or in silver version, all the way up to the most valuable diamonds, as suggested by Damiani.

Sixth trend: modular and with message

Trends in 2014 the jewels to be dialed to your taste with different charms. The figures accessible for each pendant, the idea of being “artists” of his own creation and the opportunity to enrich their own bracelets little by little, they attract more and more towards Pandora, Trollbeads or Rosé.

Then, the fashion spread with the t-shirt to express thoughts and moods and the result will be jewelry with one or more keywords. It seems that the 2014 will see appear many LoveYou or the name of someone who carries the jewel or words symbol.

The seventh trend: bracelets by note

In 2014 there will be 2 trends: on the one hand, the thin, sparkly bracelets to multiply on your wrist. On the other side, the big-super flashy, colorful bracelets, note at all costs.

2014 jewelry trends promises to be interesting, we have to continue to follow me!