Alexander Wang Premieres at the Firm

Yesterday to first hour started the second day in Paris of your Fashion week and no one wanted to miss the event of the moment. So all the guests got the wake up well soon to preen, prepare as anyone to be the first guest to enter to the Palais de Tokyo. Why? For the simple reason that yesterday Alexander Wang premiered at the front of Balenciaga. And what you want to tell you, a very sober collection in black and white and gray shades, but to me, I was convinced. Could it be that I have no hand to the futuristic air that some designers try to sneak us?

As I have already said the two main tones they were white and black, in total looks or mixing both colors. What I liked most was the simplicity of the collection and its details: worked more garments, but not impossible to carry them. There is a great work by Wang and rebukes that philosophy of Cristóbal Balenciaga dress up the woman to enhance her beauty (things that many designers think it’s opposite).

Experimenting with textures

I do not consider or specialist or became aware of fashion to say If a collection is good or not, then from there that everyone has their tastes and what one likes to another it frightens it. For this reason I speak personally and I say that I like the signing that has made the firm with Alexander Wang. It shows that the female body is beautiful and brings the best of themselves. What I liked to break with the classicism of the previous models? Bets made experimenting with textiles. From there to that launched sweaters with the effect that were smeared in dry painting and others.

Another detail to please is the choice of your footwear: very simple and clean. What you think about this change of image?