Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter: Sarah Burton Looks at a Cloudy Future

For the part of Alexander McQueen We have always been attentive to any proposal. Sarah Burton as the continuation of the legacy left his death in 2010 and so far the British designer had been hitting with their collections which were gradually distancing himself from the legacy of his master to provide insight beyond the memory. With the present Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 the step taken has been back.

The shadow of McQueen is not either. One of the greats of the past years always will be a stone of shock that will arise thousand comparisons, even more so in his own firm. Sarah Burton could very well in the spring-summer 2011 and the subsequent fall-winter 2011 / 2012. In the current summer maintained that vision that I is unable to define with a single term for lack of them.

The impression that I have brought to view the collection for next winter is the fact of not being to Alexander McQueen. The eccentricity of the British designer was changed for something more typical of a Giambattista Valli last thread and out of their line of comfort.

The same is not expected to see in one of the firms that we are accustomed to go ahead the same trend this winter yeti. It is also that my hair is one of the options that I least like to see while next season the prominence of the gateway follow led.

The part of PomPoms in the collection seems to me the loosest I’ve seen of the firm. Details that can lead to McQueen by Burton closer a Comme des Garcons without grace of inherited school.

The wake of Gaudi still influencing Burton, as well as his taste for white and strident woman of McQueen being here the snow with a shoe worthy of mention.

An attempt to look toward the future without so much legacy, but a failed attempt.

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