Adium Reaches Version 1.4 with Twitter and IRC

The 1.4 version of what is probably the best and most popular IM app for Mac, Adium, has just arrived – after being in beta for over a year and a half.

The new features include several more discreet improvements and also the major highlights: the as multi-protocol client was dealing with GTalk, MSN, Facebook and many others now also communicates via Twitter and IRC.

But do not get excited much if you thought it would get rid of your Twitter client forever and manage everything from Adium from now on. Observing the reaction of the users of the program by Twitter note that the vast majority of people did not like the implementation of the service in the program.

Put Twitter into a chat window, it seems, it is not the best solution. Even our bigwig Mobilon given up.

But that does not mean that the update not worthwhile.