Active Gmail: Archive and Skip to the Next Message

Yesterday I spoke with Rafa, editor TB who like Glee, missing a feature in Gmail that allows, to take action with respect to a message, view the following immediately. I even tried the keyboard shortcuts for this but did not work at all here at Mac.

And it is not that one day later, Google listens to my prayers and releases a feature that does exactly that? Joy Joy!

The Audo-advance (or Automatic advance in ugly translation into Portuguese) must be activated in the Labs area of Gmail, accessible via Settings. Once you do this, just go back to the general settings of your service email preferred and decide what to do when the buttons to archive, delete or mark mute is engaged to a message.

The options are as you see in the screenshot above: either immediately newest message will be opened, or immediately oldest message will be opened. There are still adjusting to Gmail back to the message list, but there is better not to enable the feature, as it will not change anything in the mail behavior.

Now I will make a further abused request: dear developers of Gmail, I want an automatic advance that causes, to archive or delete a message, the next unread message is loaded. is it too much to ask?