Achadões: Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Jeez you have time we don’t make a Achadões here on the blog, right? Because we’re going to work this out and will be now!

Achadões today is very special. I’ve talked a few times about my love of Lush here on the blog. Not only by the incredibly fragrant products, with textures that makes you want to eat and super effective, but also by the ideology and values behind the brand.

The truth is that the Lush was my first contact with vegan cosmetics and she was the one that made me stop and think about this. Since then, I’ve been trying to find vegan alternatives or, at least, cruelty free to replace by my every day cosmetics.

The Achadões of today is therefore a result of this search. A list of cool and beauty products that fit into the category “friends of animals”. The idea is to show that you don’t have to give up quality to support the cause. The nature is very rich and offers endless powerful substances without have to mistreat any pet.


The Body Shop

Think of a tag for love without guilt. The Body Shop was born in 1976 with a simple idea: that a company could be a force for good. This 76 there, people! Pure Flower Power philosophy put into practice!

Born in England, today the brand is present in dozens of countries around the world and maintains steady strong the idea of improving the planet in which we live.

Although not 100% vegan (some of their products use honey, for example), they don’t test anything in animals, investing heavily in the development of small local producers around the world and developing fair trade and still has a number of programs and supportappreciation of women.

Other than that the products are delicious. I love especially the moisturizing Butter line. Available in several different about whiffing for all tastes, they moisturize and cost R$59,00 in virtual store of the brand in Brazil.


The Grenade was a pioneer in the manufacture of vegetable soaps in Brazil, 1915 there (Yes, all were made from animal fat). Until today, the mark remains firm and strong commitment of only developing cosmetics made from natural extracts, free of dyes and artificial fragrances and never tested on animals.

In addition, the packaging is beautiful with retro face and the products are super fragrant and tasty. Here some that I certify:

Liquid soap glycerine: has a lot of about whiffing, but I love the Brazil nut (was my official liquid soap in the bathroom of the home visits in Brazil:-). By R$16,00 on the site of Granado.

Glycerine liquid soap in tiny packaging: perfect for taking in the toiletry bag pro day to day or for travel. Also has several about whiffing, I love the Marigold. By R$7,50 here.

Moisturizing Gloss: I am one of those people that can’t survive without a lip balm in your purse. That of Granado is a delight, super moisturizing and that packaging is pure charm. By R$18,50 also on the website of the brand.

Nutritious wax nail and cuticles: helps maintain strong nails and cuticles healthy and beautiful. By 25.00 here.


The OCC is the favorite brand of cosmetics of Yasmin Brunet and no wonder. The brand is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free.

Created in 2004, by makeup artist David Klasfeld, the OCC started out, but grew too fast especially because of your commitment to innovation both in colors and textures.

The coolest thing is the position of the mark on their products 100% of vegetable origin:

“Out any personal conviction, we simply believe it is unnecessary (using animal products), especially when there are alternatives available with the same level of effectiveness in the formulation of our products. In addition, ingredients of animal origin are among the major causes of allergies and skin reactions.”

Now, speaking of product, the biggest bestseller of the OC is your line of lipsticks liquids with matte texture. I’m dying to try the mouth primer (for US $18.00 in the virtual store of the brand) and the new format of the liquid lipstick (for US $16,00 here).

Good news, they closed a partnership with Sephora and will begin to be sold on the network in stores around the world.


The Aesop is amazing. The Australian brand is 100% vegan and its primary objective find in nature the most effective ingredients for the skin treatment. These natural ingredients, combined with other developed in the laboratory are one of the most recognized brand worldwide for the effectiveness of their products.

Another nice thing is the relationship of the brand with the sustainable design. Every store around the world is different. The New York City, for example, was made with more than 400,000 pieces of paper from the New York Times.

It’s cheap? No, it’s not, but are very good products, made with a very high criteria of production, by a brand with philosophy and very nice.My Tip: get some free samples, test and choose what you really love to invest your Rico din din.

Here are a few that I have read many good things about it:

Facial Cleansing Gel-based salsa seed: the entire line of the Aesop parsley seed is very famous. The advantage of this gel is that in addition to remove impurities, it also gently exfolia the skin. By R$135,00 on the website of Aesop.

Facial moisturizing cream based on Mandarin: nothing better than a moisturizer to the skin absorbs quickly and leaves your skin moisturized but without being oily or shiny. By R$175,00 on the website of the brand.

Citrus-based body Balm: a fast-acting body moisturizer, in other words, you don’t get that feeling of sticky skin. By R $125.00 here.

Jet set kit: a travel kit with everything you need in the sizes you can carry on handbag. Shampoo, conditioner, gel cleanser and moisturizing gel for R$137,00 here.

Surya Brazil

The Surya Brazil was born in 1995 as a brand of hair products, herbal henna coloring your is, today, the natural coloring more sold on the Brazilian market.

Over the past 20 years, the brand has grown and currently offers products for skin and hair for men and women. All vegan and cruelty free, with ingredients from India and brazilian Amazon. Here are some that I’ve been dying to test:

Vegan Nail Polish Red Macaw, for 53 ha.and 25 ha beside the site of the brand.

Semi-permanent Coloring natural gray silver (beautiful!), by R$36,38 on the website of the brand.

Semi-permanent Coloring in Swedish blonde color (also beautiful!), by R$21,45 here.

Shampoo Color Fixation by R$17,84 here.

Hair mask with buriti oil, by R$68,59 on the website of Surya.

If you also have nice brands and tips that are concerned with the nature, comment down here telling us!

And good weekend, everybody! And cosmetic bag clicks makeup bag.