Achadões of the Week: Special Pot Therapy

When I tell you that my dream is to leave this blog each day more Reta, no joke no! And by “cool” I mean: offer content beautiful, interesting, fun and diverse. For this, nothing better than to bring us beautiful, interesting and fun to take tips from the most diverse subjects.

Who accompanies me Snap and Instagram could already realize that I’m pretty good with a fork. I love cooking and, above all, eating. For these and others, I’m a rat cooking blogs, especially those who speak my language, descomplicam recipes and can make my day by day more pleasant.

And it was on account of my passion for food that I discovered the Pot Therapy, Tatiana. For starters, Tati makes real food, you know? It’s not just prescription for special occasion. Is prescription for putting into practice every day and, for people who work from home and practically every meal, this is essential.

Of course it also has those recipes for days when you want to impress. But all very hot and without unnecessary frou-frou.

Well, this is all to say that I invited the Tati to make a special Achadões this week: a Gastronomic Achadões! The idea was to use the whole experience of Tati in the kitchen to share with us some cool finds that will leave your kitchen even more ready to make nice. Bora there then?

Bowl Sweet

Thought it was beautiful so much to serve snacks like popcorn and snacks, like to do nice arrangements with flowers for a centerpiece.” This cute pink’s R$66,02 in the Utilplast Web site.

Salt And Pepper Grinders

I think it’s essential to invest in a pepper grinder and a salt. The freshly ground pepper has more aroma and flavor and you can use a coarse salt mixed with herbs and peppercorns in another grinder to make a charm.” By R$46,00 on the website of Mickey.

Glass Mugs

These mugs are super high to serve as a way stripped via Stay cool both for hot drinks, as cold, as juices, caipirinhas and flavored waters, besides being very decorative.” The set with 4 mugs out on Pepper.

Mini Casseroles

I have a lot of those cliques. I think a grace to serve individual portions and what’s great is that they can go in the oven.” By R$47,40 on the home shopping network.

Vegetable Slicer

I have one of another brand, but is similar and I think a super investment to make salad and spaghetti of vegetables like Zucchini and carrot. Fun and super helpful.” By dilmas 49 here.

Pastry Mold

This is the kind of thing that you don’t need to have, but it’s so cute! Imagine doing sweet and savory pastry with these templates! Isn’t this great?” Such as R$21,00 here.

Glass Suqueira

I think top to serve hot drinks in a lovely way. In addition, it is super practical because people can serve at will without you having to be resetting always.” This good looking out for R$63,00 in ShopFesta.

Three-Storey Plate

I think a grace to serve finger foods or sweets. Practical and beautiful!” This with different prints and super cute R$132 out, here.

If all this still wasn’t enough to make you go there look at the Pot Therapy, will end the post with an image that will surely change your mind.

Simply: pudding. Have the most wonderful dessert in the whole universe?

Here’s my thank you to Tati and my fans for the Pan keep growing and doing Therapy our days even more tasty.