A Version of Skype with Support for Videoconferencing Is Filtered

Skype It is one of the best options to make VoIP calls either a voice call or a video conference service works really well. However Skype has a handicap in Android: very few devices incorporate front camera.

When it became public the launch of the HTC Thunderbolt was announced that Skype would update its application to enable video conferencing. Currently there is an official but, as we read at Droid Life, an update that introduces such an option has been leaked.

Although this unofficial update a step forward for Skype on Android should clarify that for the moment only works on the HTC Thunderbolt. I’ve done the test install the apk on my Nexus One and I have not managed to make it work for what at the moment have to expect to get an official version in the Android Market.

Meanwhile we can use other clients that accept video conference like Fring or Tango, but personally, if we do not have a mobile phone with front camera seems a bit cumbersome to do a video conference so that two people can see without a problem.