A Perfect Multifunctional Hall

Few meters and tight spaces. Thus it tends to be in most of the houses. And the home of Angela Bermúdez was not an exception, until he touched it with his magic wand. Angela is interior designer and project manager in Mestizo Store. And all it shows… much… in this perfect room.

The fact that a high ceilings attic helps, but the magic is its ability to integrate areas and open the stay, taking full advantage of the qualities of space.

First space, the lounge

A seating area wide and comfortable, presided over by a sofa in the corner which covers the entire space and extending the seat endlessly areas. This configuration allows the Interior Designer to add two additional seats and even some more decorative auxiliary parts. Result, a living room cozy, comfortable, functional and beautiful, thanks among other things to the finish: wonderful fabrics, bright lacquers, glass and metals.

Second space, the dining room

Small, collected, coquettish and charming. A discreet space that occupies one corner of the living room. Sufficient for meals or dinners at petite Committee. It is visually light and not hinder the enormous amount of light coming through the precious windows.

Third space, kitchen

What most dining room, with a bar for meals every day like this? Wonderful this kitchen open to the living room through the American bar settings. Luminaries add a point of sophistication to pure white that dominates the work space. Stools in wood veneer added warmth and seamlessly integrate into the classroom.

Please, is someone a failure in this space? Us encantaaaa!!!!

The rest of the House you have in new style (with photos by Pablo Sarabia).

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