A Party in the Garden Style Shabby Chic

A garden Shabby chic continues being one of the favorite subjects for any single celebration added detail, alluding to the theme as my first birthday, baby shower or first communion, “the meaning of this style is focused on two very different terms among themselves. On the one hand we have shabby, that the meaning of this word is frayed or Dowdy. And on the other hand we have chic, which means distinguished, elegant or fashionable.” The materials used can be wood, iron, tissues tend to be romantic with small flowers in pastels such as pink, beige, blue and green colors very clear with a predominance of white…

I love the color palette in the shabby chic style mainly in the delicacy of each detail with cute details in ceramic tea sets

the use of curtains are details of the English country houses from where comes this style with antique furniture and details of vases and arrangements of flowers to represent a nice garden @atelieanalaura

A table that invites you to sit down and talk with friends with a cute screen framing the stage covered in flowers and embellishments to the style Shabby chic @anjo_barroco

A magical fantasy depicting the garden of a House with windows and the location of a pergola with vines and butterflies from paper combining many white furniture @happyfestcwb

The delicate paper stamping small flowers evoke to the country period, no doubt with various decoration elements such as suitcases, crates, vases and furniture @chacomalice

Lovely table with an impressive collection of ceramics together with a variety of exquisite sweets @barbaraperesfestaempapel

Theme garden for the first year of Isabella with the tones cake used with much elegance in the style Shabby Chic highlighting the theme of cages @roselisato

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