A.F. Vandevorst Fall-Winter: Humor Hidden Belgian School

From Africa to an impersonal view, hide, playing to the dismissal. Also to gain attention. A.F. Vandevorst. The couple made by An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx they accomplished one of his best collections thus far for the next autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 “on the catwalk of Paris which came up with a focused inspiration in”Joseph Beuys, dancing and humor”, in his own words”.

The Belgian marriage is long time one of the foremost representatives of the fashion of his country and great followers of the legacy of “the Antwerp six” which we discussed recently in the figure of Raf Simons. Moreover, both worked for two of those names: Filip Arickx worked for An Vandevorst for Dries Van Noten and Dirk Bikkembergs. They know very well how to play to enhance their image to the public and make your message into something worth seeing.

Still defending the concealment of the models in a detail reminiscent of the usual explanation of judging the artistic product it is, not by a pretty face. The Fedora of Stephen Jones they are the most elegant mask that has seen. Minimally dotted at the height of the eyes, while the neck was draped with long scarves and leather accessories.

The leather He returned to be another repeated resources face a next season very favorable toward this material. There were also the gloves, musketeer boots or wide belts.

The minimalism of the firm and own your school was seen in lengthy dresses together with the same cut raincoats, leaving aside so many clones of the British firm famous for them and opting for another return to the garment of rain. The animal print at A.F. Vandevorst strikes me as even smart when I always rehuyo this fashion.

Point maintains the Belgians with large dresses that could well have left coverall bath, shields or short dresses for the city with broad necks. The same as the Velvet.

Between slides, straight cuts, overlays coats and garments, airs male usual and taste for spacious forms adds to the pinstriped shorts combined with tights and boots of musketeer and two-piece sets.

Minimum flashes of metallic colour reminded me of Haider Ackermann’s last movements. While the East is reflected in embroidered gold with small crystals that contrast with the simplified view of the rest of the collection. And yet, gotten game of contrasts is welcome to view.

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