A Cozy Home that Opts for Neutrals

Long ago that we would not visit any House, so today we slipped in a cozy apartment. Those homes decorated with timeless dyes in delicate neutral tones that they breathe peace, harmony and lightness.

They are the details right as the type of lamps, textiles

or pictures that contribute to make this House a place so pleasant. Creating small corners full of balance. Choose neutral tones can fall in cold environments and soulless. But which will the elements and furniture chosen they achieved comfortable spaces and full of warmth.

With tones neutral is easy to introduce strokes of color that make the atmosphere warm, in this House is the subtle green of the plants which succeeds and fills the spaces of freshness. Choose these shades is to bet it safe.

I leave you with images of this House decorated in grey, black, white and wood. And with a touch of plant life.

This type of homes convey a sensation of calm, where everything has its place, which highlights the functionality of the furniture and the choice of each element is calculated to achieve it. Do you like this type of environments?, would you change you something?, would you add some colour?.

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Images. via Bjurfors

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