A Chat about… Accessories

In General, the male wardrobe not many options, especially compared to the female. It’s all summed up the essential basic without much creativity, antics or frills. It goes straight to the point. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, here we have too many choices. But anyway, so is a bit tricky to give the air of your personality, give the finish straight and put the kiss on your personal style visual because risks remain very similar to the neighbor , no matter what.

A way to escape it is precisely through the accessories, which also the male wardrobe have an arsenal greatly reduced. However, it is up to each one of you to pick them, and use them in the best possible way to tell the world “hey, this is my style, that’s me”. So, make your choices accordingly.

Among the male accessories include ties, Ascots, belts, Cufflinks, hankies, tie fasteners, shoes, socks, watches, earrings, glasses, hats, scarves, scarves, handbags, gloves, folders and even perfumes. When you go to pick them, always keep in mind you, you and you. And tell a little about your through them, whether in style, model, spirit or even simply by color.

And since talked about color… accessories are a great alternative to consider to incorporate color to their looks, especially for those who have difficulty seeing in technicolor. Punctuate the neutral with shoes, ties, scarves or handbags with touches of color is a way to add color subtly and guarantee a lively and different air to your look every day and without causing shock or trauma, not to you or to anyone at your back.

And as if that wasn’t enough, with them–accessories–can still break even if it’s just a little austerity of certain clothing and to try out a new “I” without completely abandoning the old, through mere touch here and there.

In short, accessory is a great way to experience, increase and cast off a visual. So make it a good one and give “the tone of you” with her.